Thursday, 10/12/23, 7:05 to 10:30 10 couples in / 2 out 7 singles in / 2 out ~40% took materials

Notes: Fairly busy today, but routine…. Goatee guard, Female Valet, delivery guy there for the pick-up of the three large “coolers’….got the middle finger salute three times this morning, with a bonus of an Uber guy yelling obscenities as he drove by..;-) Handed out a little more material today then in the past few weeks. 2-3 “couples”, as well as a few singles, stopped long enough to take materials & listen to the <30 sec speech......but said thanks & went in. One single (late 20's) was in/out to pick up paperwork & took material as she was leaving after I explained why we were there . She said, "thanks, glad you are here & doing this", & as she drove out she stopped to hand me a JW hand out of which I said, "OK let's swap and I handed her a Bible track on why we all need to be "Born Again"...;-) The situation in Israel (God's "Time Clock"..;-) opened up a segue to talk to the guard & a young lady who routinely walks her dog on Thursday's, about the Scripture and prophecy. The young lady said she was a Christian & had been baptized, she took a track & I encouraged her to start reading her Bible a little every day especially during these last days .... Friday, 10/13/23, 9:05 to 12:10 Below is a combined total for the morning: ~ 6-7 couples in / 1-2 out ~10 singles in / 3-5 out ~ 30% took materials Notes: Typical Friday, routine..... Slower in the a.m. (1st shift, ..Pam reported ~ 2 couples & 2 singles) Pam & Paul were there when I arrived, Camille had just left as the mobile unit was down at the church parking lot. Paul had to leave ~ 9:30 & Pam departed a little after 10:00 We had a chance to speak to one young man (early 20's) .....coming out after he walked his girlfriend into PP. He listened, took materials, said he was Catholic and we talked about all the reasons why he & his girlfriend shouldn't be there, .....there were other options etc... etc...He was very polite & thanked us, but departed & walked to his car & just left.... Another young lady (early 20's) stopped on her way out to take material & listen to both Pam & me. She seemed receptive, said she was here only to find out if her pregnancy was ectopic. PP took "samples" & planned to contact her about the results. We encouraged her to always get a 2nd opinion from this place, and also to go to the mobile van to talk to Camille. Pam offered to walk her there, but she politely declined, as she had to "get to work". She indicated she wanted to just find out the results and if everything was OK, she'd keep the baby. She thanked us and left. Several others took materials but continued in. Here's how the last 45 minutes went...;-) Around ~11:15, a young lady (mid-20's), was walking down the street & I wasn't sure she was going in or not, but none the less asked her if she'd like some handouts etc. Well for the next 45 minutes, (no kidding) ...;-) ....we went around & around with the usual "why are you here harassing women", "my body, my choice"!! I asked her how she got "her body" in the first place & she said "her parents", and so I asked where did they get their bodies? Keep walking it all the way back & you get to GOD. Your DNA is a "code", (she amazingly agreed). “How senseless is everything that can ever be written, done, or thought, when such things are possible.” – All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque