About 25-30 people from St. Anne’s were praying in front of Planned Parenthood downtown while a sidewalk counselor had been handing out flyers. Some of the women accepted the flyers, but none would stop to talk that morning. About 15 minutes after giving a woman and her boyfriend a flyer, the woman came back outside with the flyer still in her hand. She stood in the driveway waiting for her boyfriend to bring the car from the back parking lot out to the street. The counselor noticed she had her phone in one hand and was reading from the back of the flyer in her other hand, while typing a number into her phone.

The back of the flyer has the names and phone numbers of 13 pregnancy resource centers, a 24-hour crisis pregnancy hotline, and a 24-hour number for abortion pill reversal.

The boyfriend pulled up and she got into the car with her phone up to her ear, still clutching the flyer.

The counselor did not have a chance to talk to her as she was leaving, so we don’t know sure if she had changed her mind about having an abortion, but all appearances seem to indicate so.

Please pray that this woman embraces her gift of life, and does not return to Planned Parenthood.