The following comes from a January 28 email from a Cal Catholic reader in the San Gabriel Valley.

Dear editor,

Please consider posting a story about the fact that Family Planning Associates now has one of their abortion mills at the Queen of the Valley Medical Arts Building as of July of 2012.  So far one 40 days for Life campaign has occurred there.  The building is adjacent to the Catholic Queen of the Valley campus of the now formed Citrus Valley Health Partners.  This hospital still has a Catholic chapel with daily Mass.  It is a Catholic hospital.

The Queen of the Valley Medical Arts Building used to belong to the Catholic hospital but when it was sold, the stipulation was that no abortion or family planning practice could ever lease space there.  However, this is being ignored by the current administration of the hospital.

Indeed, when we first held our 40 days for Life campaign in front of the hospital, we were told by numerous doctors and nurses that we were making a mistake because as a Catholic hospital, abortions were not allowed there.  It came as a shock to them that indeed there was an abortion provider there.  Even the doctors sharing space in the medical building did not realize it!

Indeed Family Planning Asssociates had tried to maintain a low profile as the directory by the elevators in the building only says FPA medical group.  The sign on their office door has  the name of the doctor (a dentist) who now owns Family Planning Associates along with the words FPA medical group.  If one didn’t know what FPA stood for they would not realize that they are providing abortions.   To my knowledge, the archdiocese of Los Angeles has not intervened.  We have not had an auxiliary bishop since Zavala left, and the Msgr. who is filling in has had a heart attack and now a stroke.  He is also a pastor of a large parish.

A non-Catholic man named Steve has formed a group called San Gabriel Valley Citizens for Life.

Here is the website of the organization along with the “chain of events” posted on the website:

Chain of Events

In December 2004, Citrus Valley Health Partners, the owner-operator of Queen of the Valley, Inter-Community and Foothill Presbyterian hospitals, sold the Medical Arts Building, located at 1135 S. Sunset Ave., West Covina, to an investment group led by Dr. David Zinke, a practicing MD at Citrus Valley.

The grant deed (legal document that records transfer of a property to a new owner) includes restrictive covenants which state, “abortion services” and “family planning” are expressly prohibited, without the expressed prior written approval of Citrus Valley Health Partners. Citrus Valley CEO, Mr. Robert Curry, would have to authorize approval to allow abortion or family planning services in the Medical Arts Building.

On or about July 17, 2012, Family Planning Associates (abortionist) occupies suit #302 of the Medical Arts Building.

In September 2012, Citrus Valley CEO Robert Curry refuses to respond to multiple calls and a written request to explain the abandonment of Queen of the Valley’s founding principles. Mr. Curry’s executive assistant refers us to Citrus Valley’s chief compliance officer, Jill Jacobs, and she furthers the corporate stonewalling instead of providing answers.

A local priest speaks with Dr. Zinke who justifies the abortionist’s occupation because the Medical Arts Building was “losing money.”

Do you think rent money is more important than protecting women from harm and more important than protecting an innocent baby’s life? If you don’t, we encourage you to get involved and contact us for more information.

SGV Citizens for Life