Dear Pro-life Friends,

It was busy and hot at Family Planning Associates today and we thank the many prayer warriors who stood for hours praying for the unborn and all those affected, especially their mothers.   One of the counselors spoke briefly to a couple going up to the clinic.  The woman took information but they did not want to engage in conversation.  Within about ten minutes they came out and left.  Another counselor offered information about Culture of Life Family Services and the man told the counselor they probably won’t be needing to go to a doctor.  The counselor asked him if they were expecting and he said she was there for a PAP test.  However, this answer was very doubtful as it is very unlikely that a man would drive his wife for this test.  In any case, this couple needs our prayers and we are grateful they left.

Late in the morning a van pulled into the back of the parking lot near the prayer warriors.  One of the counselors approached them and motioned for them to roll down their window.  The counselor offered information about the doctor’s medical record and showed them a picture of the ambulance that was there about a month ago.  The woman became alarmed.  Suddenly the man began to cry and grabbed the counselor by the hand.  He had his head down and would not let go of the counselor.  He was sobbing.  The counselor could see that this man did want his wife to abort their baby.  The counselor affirmed the man and told them that they were a beautiful couple.  It was then that the woman opened up and said “No we are not a beautiful couple”.

She went on to tell the counselor that her husband had not been a good father and he would leave and come back and that she did not want this baby because it would not help the situation, but only make it worse.  They already had three other children.  The counselor shared with them on an intimate level how God blesses those moments that are very difficult.  The woman had tears in her eyes.  The counselor asked if they were Catholic or believed in God.  The woman said she used to be beautiful (talking about God) but being with the man made it so hard.

The counselor told the man that he needed to be the man that God created him to be and to be strong for his wife.  He was to protect his family while she nurtured.  He agreed.  The counselor gave the man a Divine Mercy holy card and told him to go to a Church to talk with someone.

The counselor told them to go to crisis pregnancy center because they needed counseling.  The woman was reluctant because she said she did not want the baby.  Yet, she had tears in her eyes.  She said they would be leaving and she took down the counselor’s phone number.  The counselor handed her a pink rosary and she smiled.

The voices of the prayer warriors singing Immaculate Mary could be heard and the man, woman and the counselor listened as they sang.  They drove off and thanked the counselor.  Please pray for “B” and her husband who are in deep need of our prayers for healing and to accept this baby into their lives.

email to California Catholic from the sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego