The following comes from a Jan. 5 letter from the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, based in Southern California.

Dear Pro-life friends,

Because certain people are trying to block the efforts of sidewalk counselors to save mothers and babies from the horrors of abortion, we are keeping the dates, times, and locations of where we are counseling confidential. The notes below may come from one or more locations during the week. Some specifics have been omitted to protect the identity of people we counsel. 

It is rare to see a happy couple walking out of the abortion center, but that’s what happened this morning.

A short time after about 40 people assembled in front of the abortion center for prayer, one of the counselors saw a couple walking out.  The man was holding the woman close to him, and they exchanged kisses a couple of times as they walked away from the center in the direction of the counselor, who wasn’t there earlier when the couple went inside.

The counselor offered the woman an abortion pill reversal card, and she took it with a smile on her face as they kept walking.  The man had his arm around the woman’s shoulders and turned his head back toward the counselor as they walked away and said with a big smile, “We’re going to keep the baby!”

Not every couple going into the abortion center is there for an abortion, and we don’t know why they were there, but what that man said gives reason for hope as we start the new year.  To see a mom come out of a place where babies are dying, still with child, brings joy to our hearts.  Whatever her story is, we give thanks.

Please continue pray for the protection of the unborn.  No prayer is ever wasted.