The following is a short excerpt from Monsignor Charles Pope’s blog:

Recently, I saw a video produced by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter in Los Angeles that beautifully and effectively advocates for the Traditional Latin Mass. It is a great illustration of the kind of liturgical evangelization we must do.

Here are the opening words in the video: “We have something that belongs to you.” What a great line to draw people in! Many Catholics do not know of the rich heritage that has to some degree been denied them by modernity.

I present for your consideration a few principles gleaned from this video as well as some additional insights:

  • There is a joyful description of the fruits of the ancient liturgy without any explicit denigration of other liturgical forms.
  • Remember that we are talking to fellow Catholics, not enemies of the faith.
  • Patience, persistence and encouragement are the keys. People do not always appreciate or understand things at first.
  • Even if there are liturgical failings in the wider Church, why not rejoice in the TLM and continue to build based on what is good, true and beautiful?

Full story at National Catholic Register.