The following comes from a May 4 email from Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust


I know what Planned Parenthood fears, because in a recent meeting I listened to a person very high up in Planned Parenthood as she discussed their greatest fears.

Planned Parenthood makes all kinds of rumblings about violence but they know they use every act of violence, real, perceived or fabricated to draw attention away from the violence in the womb.

I knew this person was for real, I saw it all, secure details and procedures only someone on the inside would know.

And she told me Planned Parenthood’s greatest fears –

Planned Parenthood fears the youth!


Because the youth are unpredictable!

Because they are creative!

Because they are zealous!

Because the youth believe they can abolish abortion in America!

And that makes them dangerous.

There was a time before the days of Survivors when the youth movement in the fight over abortion was dominated by the pro-abortion side.

But today youth have flocked to stand for life and the tide is changing. Now there are youth rallies, marches, walks and conferences filled with young people on fire for God and life!

Planned Parenthood doesn’t mind if 100,000 youth march or if 10,000 walk or even if a couple thousand meet for a conference.

But they fear the activist whether they number 100 strong, 10 or even just 1.

I am not making this up! My Planned Parenthood contact told me detail upon detail of the fears of Planned Parenthood.

She told me how they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to track Survivors and other activist groups to try to get a handle on what we are going to do next. They even donate to us to get my letters!

Planned Parenthood’s staff also hates public events: Whether they are dinner parties, cutesy/cool gatherings or large public events.

I’m not talking about the demonic forces that lead the organization. I’m talking about the rank and file worker. They hate public events because they know Survivors or some other youth activist is most likely going to show up and ruin their fine affair.

My Planned Parenthood contact told me it is the young activist they fear, the sold out servant of God confronting and exposing them and giving them no rest. Well their nightmare is becoming a reality this summer as Survivors ProLife Training Camp in LA, the Justice rides in DC and worship in Crown Point highlight the summer. Please give generously to make all these great events possible. And may God bless you for giving Planned Parenthood nightmares.