The following comes from an April 25 Catholic Voice article by Mair Moran. Moran is co-director of Birthright of Livermore.

As they exited the clinic, the young couple looked downcast. They had been given only one “choice.” Even though they were struggling to raise several children, they didn’t feel it was right.

While the four Knights of Columbus prayerfully stood vigil in front of Planned Parenthood on Porter Drive in San Ramon, the couple sat in their car agonizing over their decision. All at once they looked up and saw the Knights. After a time, they came to a decision. As they drove by the prayer warriors, the young man rolled down his window and excitedly announced, “We decided to keep it!”

The next day the same man drove by the four Knights on the sidewalk and yelled out the window, “I love you guys! Because of you, my wife and I decided to keep our baby! Keep it up!”

As part of the life-affirming work in the East Bay, the directors of 40 Days for Life San Ramon and Birthright of Livermore have agreed to collaborate. They have brought a series of presentations to various councils of Knights relating true stories of lost parenthood and real choices for life.

Birthright of Livermore brought in a speaker to share his story of lost fatherhood. The Knights welcomed his candidness of lost parenthood and his words touched the hearts of many, eventually leading to countless hours of prayer vigil in front of the clinic. One Knight saw a way to double the spiritual impact by pledging to pray two hours for each hour his Brother Knights completed. Personally clocking in close to 200 hours, his challenge was a fantastic success!

Highlighting their mission of accepting every woman and man exactly where they are, Birthright offers real choices that won’t leave a couple with a lifetime of regret. Their new pilot program includes a Baby Bottle Campaign to be launched on Mother’s Day at several local parishes, including St. Michael in Livermore and St. Raymond in Dublin.

Although 40 Days for Life is about protecting babies, that is the start. It’s about so much more. It’s not always clear how the Lord will use the saving power of prayer: a baby’s life, a woman or man’s soul, a person passing by, or maybe even a vigil volunteer. Many times it remains a mystery, which is the intriguing aspect of showing up and stepping out in faith. The fruits of prayer may remain invisible, but by faith, the prayer warriors pray and trust. The rest is up to God!