From its inception, San Francisco’s Walk for Life West Coast has been notable for the presence of thousands of pro-life youth.  The attraction of the pro-life cause to young people is pretty clear: in addition to the obvious moral objections, anyone born after Roe v. Wade understands that had they been killed through abortion it would have been perfectly legal. That attitude is well expressed though groups like the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust. But it is also true that Walk for Life West Coast organizers have consciously reached out to the young, counting on them for important functions at the Walk, such as the distribution of signs and with college age students, helping with security.

For the 2015 Walk, organizers have provided the youth with another opportunity to contribute: a pro-life Design-a-Shirt contest. From the Walk’s website:

“As we prepare for the January 24, 2015 Walk, we are offering a great opportunity for all young artists to use their creative talents in the service of the littlest among us. We are sponsoring a new Walk for Life West Coast Design-a-Shirt Contest.

There will be two divisions: one for high school age artists and one for college-age artists. The winning graphic will adorn Walk for Life West Coast t-shirts, which will be offered through the Café Press website.

Winning entries in both age categories will receive a prize of $500; second place, a prize of $350; and third place, a prize of $150. What’s more, First Place winners who are attending the Walk will be interviewed live on EWTN’s January 24, 2015 Life on the Rock pre-walk television show.

Asked what inspired the idea, Walk co-chair Eva Muntean said “I remember about five years ago during San Francisco’s 40 Days For Life a bunch of young people from St. Peter’s Parish came out to join the vigil at Planned Parenthood. This one kid had this unbelievably cool hoodie. It was black with a violet silhouette of Padre Pio. It was so cool! I asked him where he got it and he said he and his friend had designed it and had it printed.”

Submissions are due on December 15, 2014 and winners will be notified on December 22. For more information, visit