Last year, pro-lifers all over the country were thrilled at the sight of seven beautiful pregnant mothers and the sounds of the heartbeats of their seven beautiful unborn babies on stage at San Francisco’s Walk for Life West Coast.

No matter how much money, political power, or media support the culture of death has, those tiny heartbeats from the womb spoke louder, touching, moving, changing even the hardest of hearts.

And this year, we are even more delighted to be able to bring some of them back. On January 25, at Civic Center Plaza, we will be joined by four beautiful mothers and their four beautiful children at the 16th Annual Walk for Life West Coast
Last year you heard them…this year come see them.

The little heroes will be joined by keynoters Fr. Frank Pavone, Mrs. Kathleen Folan, and the Rev. Clenard Childress, as well as Dr. Pat Castle, president of LIFE Runners, who will present the 16th Annual St. Gianna Molla Award for Pro-Life Heroism. Organizers expect tens of thousands of pro-lifers of all ages, races, and religions at Civic Center Plaza on January 25, at Civic Center Plaza.

Founded in 2005 by a group of San Francisco Bay Area residents, the Walk for Life West Coast’s mission is to change the perceptions of a society that thinks abortion is ever the answer. For more details about the Walk, speakers, and corresponding events please visit:

The above comes from a Jan. 15 emailed press release from Walk for Life.