A Catholic parish in California gave parents the option to register their children as “gender neutral” when signing them up for faith formation classes.

Good Shepherd Catholic Parish in Visalia, whose pastor was recently put on administrative leave over sexual assault allegations, allowed parents to select “male,” “female,” or “gender neutral” when signing up their children online for classes ranging from First Communion to Confirmation to general catechism. The parish is located in the Diocese of Fresno.

When LifeSiteNews contacted the parish and diocese for comment about the sign-up form, the “gender neutral” option was suddenly removed.

When Salvador Monzon, a member of the parish, decided to register his daughter for a confirmation class, the “gender neutral” option was there.

Monzon contacted the parish and spoke with a catechetical director to express his concerns and was told that nothing would change.

“She said that there was nothing they can do about it and it was going to stay. And, of course, I tried to explain what the Church’s teaching is on the issue, but she would not have any of it.”

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