Bishop Joseph Strickland, Tyler, Texas, Aug. 26

“Let us be clear that they are still allegations, but as your shepherd I find them to be credible .”



Scott Hahn, Catholic apologist, Aug. 26

“Thank you, Bishop Strickland.”




Cardinal Raymond Burke, Vatican City, Aug. 26

“The declarations made by a prelate of the authority of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò must be totally taken to heart by those responsible in the Church. Each declaration must be subject to investigation, according to the Church’s time-tried procedural law.”



Mons. Jean-Francois Lantheaume, Vatican nunciature in Washington, D.C., Aug. 27

“Viganò said the truth. That’s all.”




Cardinal Joseph Tobin, Newark, Aug. 27

“Factual errors, innuendo and fearful ideology…”




Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego, Aug. 27

“Archbishop Vigano’s statement constitutes a distortion. It is not an attempt to comprehensively convey the truth.”




Cardinal Blaise Cupich, Chicago, Aug. 27

“The pope has a bigger agenda. He’s gotta get on with other things of talking about the environment and protecting migrants and carrying on the work of the Church. We’re not going to go down a rabbit hole on this.”



Bishop Robert Morlino, Madison, Wisconsin, Aug. 27

“I came to know Archbishop Viganò both professionally and personally, and I remain deeply convinced of his honesty, loyalty to and love for the Church, and impeccable integrity.”




Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington, D.C. , Aug. 27

Statement from Washington, D.C. archdiocese: Cardinal Wuerl has indicated that during his entire tenure as Archbishop of Washington no one has come forward to say to him, “Cardinal  McCarrick abused me” or made any other like claim.


Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento, Aug. 27

“The concerns raised by the former nuncio, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, are serious and call for an honest, transparent response.”



Bishop Thomas Olmsted, Phoenix,  Aug. 27

“I ask that Archbishop Viganò’s testimony be taken seriously by all, and that every claim that he makes be investigated thoroughly.”




Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops  Aug. 27

“The questions raised deserve answers that are conclusive and based on evidence.”




Bishop Thomas Paprocki, Springfield, Illinois, Aug. 28

“Vatican officials and the current Apostolic Nuncio should make public the pertinent files indicating who knew what and when.”





Archbishop Paul Coakley, Oklahoma City, Aug. 28

“I have the deepest respect for Archbishop Viganó and his personal integrity. His claims, yet to be investigated or substantiated, confirm the urgency of a thorough investigation of Archbishop McCarrick’s advancement through the ecclesiastical ranks.”



Bishop Kevin Vann of the diocese of Orange, Aug. 29

“The questions raised deserve answers that are conclusive and based on evidence.”



Archbishop Samuel Aquila, Denver, Aug. 30

“The recent letter of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò brings particular focus and urgency…. The questions raised deserve answers that are conclusive and based on evidence.”



Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco, Aug. 30

“His statements must be taken seriously.  To dismiss them lightly would continue a culture of denial and obfuscation.”




George Weigel, biographer of Pope John Paul II, Aug. 30

“When Vigano writes in his Testimony that he is ‘ready to affirm [these allegations] on oath calling on God as my witness,’ he means it.”



Robert George, Princeton University, Aug. 31

“Don’t assume that Pope Francis is guilty. Don’t assume that Archbishop Vigano is lying. Assume nothing. Demand the release of the McCarrick dossier and all pertinent documents. We need the evidence of who knew what when.”



Archbishop Charles Chaput, Philadelphia, Aug. 31

“I have written the Holy Father and called on him to cancel the upcoming synod on young people. Right now, the bishops would have absolutely no credibility in addressing this topic. In its place the archbishop suggested that the pope “begin making plans for a synod on the life of bishops.”