The following comes from an Oct. 9 story in the Merced Sun-Star.

Police believe the mother of a newborn found Thursday in a trash bin may live in or near the south Merced apartment complex where the baby was abandoned.

The newborn girl, who appeared to be just a few hours old, was taken to an area hospital and is expected to survive, Capt. Tom Trindad said.

“We’re very concerned for the mother’s health and just want to make sure she’s OK,” Trindad said. “It is still early in the investigation and unknown if criminal charges will be filed.”

Investigators are not limiting their search to the area around the Sunnyside Apartments in the 900 block of D Street, where the child was found just before 6 a.m.

“Anyone who knows of someone who has been pregnant and is no longer pregnant, but has no baby – that’s something we’d like them to contact the detectives about,” Trindad said.

Jorge Miranda said he was looking for cans and bottles to sell for recycling when he found the child partially wrapped in a towel, under discarded pizza boxes and plastic trash bags.

Jimmy Alvarez, who lives close by, said he heard Miranda shouting for help outside. Miranda, who speaks limited English, said the discovery made him feel “very bad.”

“He was shocked, he was scared,” Alvarez said of Miranda. “The baby was lying in the corner of the dumpster, half naked, the umbilical cord hanging.”

Alvarez said he wrapped the child in his own shirt, while his wife, Annette, called 911. He asked the paramedics if he could name the child “Milagros.”

“It means ‘miracle,’ ” Alvarez said. “It was a miracle she was there; it was a miracle she was found. I’m just grateful it wasn’t dumpster day.”

Alvarez said his wife held the baby, who was breathing but very cold to the touch, and gently massaged her chest. “Then (the infant) just gasped and started crying.”

Emergency responders provided first aid and rushed the child to an area hospital, where she remained Thursday….

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