In a recent interview, the Vatican’s news outlet, Vatican News, joined other left-wing publications such as TIME and The New York Times and liberal politicians in praising Amanda Gorman, the young, pro-abortion woman who read a poem at Joe Biden’s inauguration. The interview and its tone appear to demonstrate implicit acceptance of Gorman’s anti-Catholic views on abortion.

Gorman appeared in the spotlight when delivering a poetic address at Biden’s inauguration on January 20. The address has since been described as a “spoken-word attack on Donald Trump and his followers,” containing references to an attack on democracy, attributed to former President Trump.

Her words were welcomed in gushing tones by left-wing America Magazine in an article that suggested her political attack possessed divine qualities and claimed her words “made us believe in the beauty of our future, precisely because of the poem’s own beauty. Her work speaks of God — even shines a light on God — simply because it is beautiful.”

Vatican News’s interview with Gorman focused on the issues of education and poetry. In a tone similar to America Magazine, Vatican News also equated some divine qualities to Gorman, hailing her as a woman who had made the “dream of a ‘healed’ humanity tangible.”

While mentioning that Gorman is Catholic, (she attends St. Brigid’s Catholic Church in Los Angeles), Vatican News conducted the interview without making any reference to God, or the Catholic faith. Instead, deputy editorial director Alessandro Gisotti focused on how poetry could affect Pope Francis’s call for building of bridges. In turn, Gorman decried how she believed poetry is taught as the “arena of an old, dead, white and male intellectual elite,” mentioning that poetry could “sanctify, purify, and rectify, even amidst discord.”

Gisotti also compared Gorman with Malala Yousafzai and Greta Thunberg, suggesting that Gorman had become a leader of a movement “challenging the powerful of the earth….”

The above comes from a Feb. 15 story on LifeSiteNews.