The following comes from an August 24 Fox40 story:

A Vacaville 2-year-old is dead, not because of the severe respiratory illness that stole his vibrancy along with his breath last April, but because of the heartless action by a hospital in the midst of an appeal, according to his loved ones and his lawyers.

“This is a sad, sad state because this is an execution of an innocent 2-year-old in this country. This child was alive and this child was not brain dead,” said Attorney Kevin Snider.

Stinson’s family’s fight to restore him to the normal life of a toddler had taken them from Mercy and Kaiser hospitals in the Sacramento region to a Catholic hospital in Guatemala where he was until about two weeks ago.

Though there’d been dispute between doctors locally about baby Israel being brain dead, Snider says the hospitals involved had not performed the Electroenchelaogram, or EEG, that can be one of the definitive tests for brain waves.

“When those were performed by another facility, (they) found that he in fact did have brain waves.  He was not brain dead,” Snider said. That facility was the one in Guatemala.

FOX40’s learned there was direct consultation between doctors there and the one who agreed to admit him at Children’s in L.A. But baby Israel’s lawyers claim as soon as he arrived there staff was “difficult from the get go.”

The Stinsons secured a restraining order to keep him on life support until Sept. 9 to clarify his condition.

“The hospital would not provide an examination for brain death, and so we got permission from the court to bring in the parents’ own doctor. The hospital of course did not want that,” said Snider, “so they rushed into court to stop this,” he said.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge dissolved the family’s restraining order this morning.

Baby Israel’s life support was disconnected around 3:20 p.m. — just after an appeal of that decision had been filed, an effort Stinson family lawyers say the hospital was well-aware of.


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