On July 28, the Jesuit University of San Francisco announced the appointment of Julie Orio as the new vice-provost of student life.

From the press release announcing the appointment:

Orio has served as interim vice provost of student life at USF since August 2015, where she has led a team of approximately 140 full-time professionals and 25 graduate students to enliven the university’s Jesuit mission […] She will begin her permanent role immediately.

The release continued:

Beyond her responsibilities at USF, since 2006 she has been actively involved in the Women’s Community Clinic in San Francisco, serving as board member and chair.

The press release does not mention that the Women’s Community Clinic provides birth control, ‘emergency contraception,’ and ‘medication abortion.’ The Women’s Health Services’ page on the Women’s Community Clinic’s website page describes medication abortion: “medication abortion is a way to terminate an early pregnancy by using medications. It’s often called the ‘abortion pill’, and it’s an option for women during their first ten weeks of pregnancy.”

It is not the first time USF and the Women’s Community Clinic have partnered. In the March 8, 2010 article ‘Abortionfest at USF’, CalCatholic reported that one of the featured speakers at USF’s 2010 Global Women’s Rights Forum was Dr. Eve Zaritsky, then-medical Director of the Women’s Community Clinic.

Curiously, the forum was sponsored in part by the Theology and Religious Studies Department.

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