The following comes from an August 12 Church Militant article by Bradley Eli:

The Jesuit-run University of San Francisco (USF) is promoting contraception and gender ideology on the university’s website. In addition, the supposedly Catholic university provides gender-inclusive housing for students while encouraging them to explore their so-called gender identities.

On USF’s website under “Reproductive Health,” the university asks, “Looking for more information about available forms of contraception that align to you and your partner’s values? Take a look at the following resources to help you make healthy and responsible choices.”

On the university’s page marked “Birth Control (Contraceptive) Methods,” after giving a faint nod to Church teaching, USF then promotes the use of contraception.

As a Catholic university we provide the following information not to promote the use of contraception. … [W]e encourage all who are sexually active to behave responsibly in their decisions. Whatever your sexual orientation happens to be, if you choose to be sexually active, it is also very important to be respectful of yourself and your partners, including reducing the risk of passing sexually transmitted infections.

While using language that justifies sexual activity outside of marriage, USF fails to provide any Catholic teaching on the immorality of such actions. USF is also silent on the abortifacient nature of certain birth control methods it presents as options.

In addition to promoting the use of contraception amongst the student body, the university is also pushing students to embrace gender ideology. The stated purpose of USF’s Gender and Sexuality Center, which they run on campus, is to help students “explore” their gender and sexual identities. Nowhere on the website is presented Church teaching concerning a person’s gender in a natural relationship to one’s biological sex.
In support of gender ideology, USF provides “gender inclusive housing” for students who identify as “transgender” or any number of other so-called “gender identities.” This program allows biological males and females to cohabit provided they accept the erroneous notion that “human beings are not necessarily male or female as ascribed by their assigned gender at birth.”

All of these student outreach programs are run under the purview of the new vice provost, Julie Orio. Orio is actively involved with the Women’s Community Clinic located in San Francisco, which performs medical abortions and provides the abortifacient Plan B pill.