queenThe following came May 10 via email from Charles S. LiMandri, USD Class of 1977.

On Thursday, April 25, 2013, the University of San Diego, my alma mater, held its second annual Drag Show, tripling the attendance of last year’s similarly scandalous event.  Despite protests by concerned Catholics — and even an on-line petition sponsored by TFP-Student Action (www.tfpstudentaction.org) to cancel the event which garnered over 8,000 signatures in just a few days — the wayward USD Administration condoned and promoted the event.

Openly lesbian theology professor Evelyn Kirkley was the architect of the drag show last year.  She told the attending students that they were now “revolutionaries” in support of the gay agenda. Openly lesbian, philosophy professor Lori Watson was again prominently involved this year. She ensured that the students on hand got a good dose of anti-Catholic indoctrination.  Once again, the theme of the drag show was that your gender is what you perceive it to be, rather than the one that God bestowed on you.  In fact, according to Dr. Watson’s twisted logic, we are all in drag.

Nowhere present was the Catholic teaching that we are made in the image and likeness of God, either male or female, and that we are called to embrace the sexuality determined by our chromosomes at conception.  What were present were role models in the form of professional transvestites, who promote the gay lifestyle and same-sex marriage.  There were male students convincingly made up to look like females and vice versa.  This included a boyish looking girl who proclaimed that she was bi-sexual – to the applause of USD students who were deceived into believing this is consistent with Catholic values.

And why should they not think so?  The USD faculty were present at the event as judges, and the administration was careful to send out letters, both before and after the drag show, falsely claiming that it did not contradict Catholic teaching.  The official teaching of the Catholic Church regarding sexual identity and homosexual behavior demonstrates the falsity of the statements made by the USD administration which, tragically, is all too content to lead its students into apostasy. The latest heretical documents issued by the Administration can be viewed on the website www.AlumniForACatholicUSD.org in the section for the 2013 Drag Show.  That website also includes a section providing the authentic Catholic teaching on the subject of gender and human sexuality, including statements from the Catholic catechism and the Holy Father.

signThe May 2 issue of the USD student newspaper, the Vista, demonstrates the extent to which student organizations on campus are now obsessed with promoting LGBTQ issues.  That edition of the newspaper devotes about one-third of its twenty pages of print space to this radical agenda.  And, once again, the authentic Catholic viewpoint is nowhere mentioned, except to be contradicted and ridiculed. The Vista reports that the USD Administration even invited the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to the drag show, one of which was widely featured on the television news.  The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is a militant group that openly mocks Catholic teaching in blasphemous and profane ways, to the point that it has been officially rebuked by the Vatican.  This did not deter USD from giving these perverse Sisters a platform from which to further attack the Church and corrupt USD students.

Some faithful Catholics who wanted to assemble in prayer to protest the event on campus were turned away at the gate.  Similarly, last year USD alumni were denied the right to say the rosary in the unoccupied Founders Chapel because “there was too much going on” the night of the first drag show. Fortunately, the Church provides remedies for devout Catholics to appropriately  address these grave concerns. The faithful are encouraged to look for updates at www.AlumniForACatholicUSD.org and to follow the progress being made to save USD from itself.

Alumni For A Catholic USD is a project of the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund.  The fund is a religious nonprofit organization that was launched in September 2012.  Its mission is to protect and promote our nation’s Judeo-Christian values through educational programs and the defense of religious liberty in the courts.  To learn more about our group and how you can help it reclaim our culture, visit the website at www.ConscienceDefense.org.