The following is based on a June 8 email from ’Joe Catholic’ in San Jose.

According to  May 9 story in Cal Catholic, the Drexel Initiative set up in the San Jose diocese requires participating parochial schools to raise millions while eliminating the pastor’s authority over the school.  In the midst of the controversy the pastor in charge of St. Clare School in Santa Clara was publicly humiliated.

From the May story: “Diocesan PR spin can be found here.  ‘Mandatory’ priest meeting regarding the initiative a couple weeks ago was apparently ignored by the vast majority of the priests, who understood that yet another San Jose scam was upon them.  PR doesn’t reflect the reality of the changed governance structure:  principals and school staffs will henceforth report to the superintendent, not the pastors.”

The June 8 emailer reports: “In its bid to prevent parents from moving their students out from schools joining the Drexel Initiative, the diocese of San Jose has reached absurd lengths.  The diocese has now instructed all parochial schools in the diocese not to accept refugees from St. Clare School and other Drexel schools whose parents do not want their children to become guinea pigs in the new blended learning experiment, which also separates schools from their host parishes.

“Even neighboring parochial schools desperate for admissions are not allowed to take students from these schools.  Parents fleeing dysfunctional parochial schools or not looking to be part of the experiment are looking at home schooling or Protestant schools, even while hoping that sanity is restored at some point before the next school year.”

“The Drexel Initiative has become too big too fail, allowing non-Drexel schools to thrive and preventing potential loss of the faith of Catholic school age children.”