In 2019

We have launched the new version of the CalCatholic site

– Mobile site is enhanced for readers, all text and photos made clearer

– Mobile site users have surpassed desktop users – 45% to 44%

We started the weekly feature, Inquiring Minds

Mary Rose visits California college campuses and asks students hard questions about God’s existence, the Church, difficult moral issues. In a surprising number of cases, students have changed their minds.

Short snippets from the interviews are posted as videos on Facebook, with high viewing and engagement rates among the 18-34 age groups

Each video reaches on average over 25,000 unique users

We’ve increased the daily email subscribers
to California Catholic Daily’s daily email blast from 1,000 to 3,000 subscribers

We’ve built up our Facebook page
from 1,500 likes to 3,800 likes. This means that CalCatholic stories end up on the news feeds of this many people every day

How we can keep growing:

With a donation of $50
we can double the reach of Inquiring Minds-Join the Debate campaign on Instagram to college- or near-college-age students

With a donation of $100
we can boost the Facebook posts to increase the likes and email subscribers to at least double the present numbers within the next six months

With a donation of $500
we can ensure the digital team can continue to boost the organic and direct referrals to California Catholic Daily

With a donation of $1000
we can keep Mary Rose on the college campuses every week and give her the chance to write hard-hitting stories every week

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