The following comes from a Feb. 1 email sent to Cal Catholic by one of our readers.

I AM High School Movement Kick-Off
Meet & Greet Gathering

Tuesday, February 24, 2015, 6:30-8:00 pm

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Parish Hall
2540 San Diego Avenue, San Diego, CA 92110

Goal – Every high school student in California will know what abortion is by 2017.

How – Local teams will educate, recruit, and pray for the students in their own cities. For example, the San Diego team could hold an educational outreach about abortion at every high school in San Diego within the school year.

Who – YOU! Gather friends, family, and local churches. Even if you can’t join the team, you can still help us!

Help – The Survivors Campus Outreach Team will train us in the most effective method of reaching high school students with the pro-life message.

We would love to hear your ideas.  Please join us Feb. 24th.

The following comes from a Feb. 1 email sent by the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust.

Our two new leaders are Mary Rose Short and Bobby Bullock.

Mary Rose is the daughter of Life Legal Defense Foundation attorney, Katie Short, and the sister of Thrin and Joan Short, the two young women featured on Fox news after their assault by the UC Santa Barbara professor.

I asked Mary Rose and Bobby to give me a brief history of how they got involved with Survivors and I want to share their stories with you.

I gave them no time to prepare for these stories and in fact I asked them to write them less than 24 hours before I needed them and on a Sunday morning.

Right from the email of Mary Rose:

“Some of my earliest memories are of learning about great injustices. I remember listening to my dad read about Herod’s slaughter of the boy children, the slavery of the Israelites, and the Crucifixion and wishing I had been there to stop it, somehow. I remember every detail of watching federal agents on TV snatch a terrified Elian Gonzalez from his aunt’s arms to return him to Cuba. I knew that they tortured people in Cuba and that his mom had risked – and lost – her life to give her son a free life in America.

“I remember hoping Bill Clinton would be impeached because he lied and because he thought abortion was good. I remember watching videos of Survivors teams being arrested for talking to people about abortion.

“Witnessing these injustices always made me desperate to work for justice.

“I don’t remember first learning what abortion was. It seems that I’ve always known that some people think it’s okay to kill babies and that the law permits it, as long as the baby hasn’t been born yet. And, as long as I can remember, I’ve known that my parents were working to end it.

“We attended Life Chains, pickets, and city council meetings. Once we protested outside a Hillary Clinton fundraiser and I knew that we had reached her because I saw her sour face glaring at me as her SUV whisked into the driveway.

“When I was nine years old, Survivors stayed at my house. I went out with them to Show the Truth at busy intersections of the next town over. They were testing whether the city would enforce its sign ordinance, but I didn’t know that – I wanted to show as many people as possible what abortion was and how bad it was. An angry pro-abort tried to run Ken Reed over and almost succeeded.

Counter-protesters came out. I still remember the crude words sharpied onto one of their cardboard signs, but it wasn’t until years afterward that I understood what they meant. I was glad to show the truth to others, but the images of the aborted babies appeared in my nightmares for years. They portrayed the most evil, vile act I knew.

I attended Survivors camp with my brother when I was seventeen. I was desperately shy, but after seeing that I could change people’s minds, just by talking to them, it didn’t seem right just to finish school. Babies were being ripped apart and I was capable of helping to end it – I couldn’t sit on the sidelines. I asked my mom if I could skip part of my last year of high school and join the Survivors team. She thought that I was crazy, but said yes.

“The team consisted of Jason Conrad, Kortney Blythe, and me.  (Note: Kortney was another young woman raised up by Survivors to a leadership role and who later moved on to help lead at Students for Life.  She was killed, while pregnant, as she returned from a pro-life training session by a drunk driver -a devastating loss to her husband and all who knew and loved her.)

“We drove to DC and back. On our first campus, a college in Denver, I held a sign while Kortney and Jason distributed literature. A man strode up and screamed in my face, spit flying all over and around me. I don’t remember what he or I said, but I remember being completely calm and actually feeling compassion for him. After the guy left and I was wiping the spit off my face, Kortney asked if I was ok. I was surprised to find that he hadn’t shaken my composure at all. I realized that he was angry because he was wrong and that having the truth exposed made it impossible for him to justify his position to himself. He was angry with himself, not me. I only hoped his anger drove him to change.

“I quit my part-time job and joined the team again the following semester. At one campus we went to, the police and administration were waiting for us in the parking lot. We had called to say we were coming and they were ready.

“Kortney told us to unload, set up, and start talking to students. She would talk to the officials. If she wasn’t able to get them to back down, she might at least be able to stall long enough for us to talk to a few students. Joey and I opened up the back of the van and started pulling signs out. They arrested Joey before the sign was all the way out of the car. Kortney called a tactical retreat and I pushed the sign back into the van. I realized that I had been a half-step away from being arrested. That month that I was with the team that spring, there were probably 6 – 8 (unlawful) arrests.

“The struggle between good and evil is highly visible while doing campus outreach. For the next four years, while I was in college, I felt wasteful and selfish. Occasionally I’d drive half an hour to the closest abortion clinic, stand with a sign for an hour and drive back just in time to catch my next class. College felt like a waste of time. People – my equals – were being ripped apart. Why was I spending time on anything else?

“I joined the team again after college.”

Mary Rose has now been with the team for three straight years.

Mary Rose has been made the new Outreach director.

Now Bobby.  This is the tale of two emails.  Bobby is strong but quiet.  He is a man of few words, dependable, talented and a hard worker.  Bobby is a veteran of many  Survivors training camps and a leader for the last few years  at camp.

He has been on the road with Survivors for several semesters and will be the new Campus Outreach Captain.

Here is Bobby’s email in its entirety:

“My family was already actively pro-life when I was born.  My whole life I remember we’d go to clinics weekly, do life  chain and stuff like that.

“I heard about Survivors through an email my mom had gotten. She asked me if I wanted to go spend two weeks in California doing pro-life work and I said heck yeah!”