One of Planned Parenthood’s priority bills in California this year requires health insurance companies to hide from parents “sensitive” medical procedures given to their adult and minor children. These “sensitive” services, as defined by SB 1004, include abortions; drug abuse and mental health treatment; and under certain circumstanced transgender hormones and sex-change operations.

In a fact-sheet from bill author Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, (D) Santa Barbara, the legislation is necessary to protect young adults, who remain on their parent’s health insurance until age  26, from being shamed or hurt by the policyholder who disagrees with their healthcare choices.

Yet, this bill not only hides the medical service used by young adults from their parents, but it also hides services for “a minor who can consent to a health care service without the consent of a parent or legal guardian… .”

Under SB 1004, insurance companies would be criminally charged if they let parents know their health insurance policy was paying for these procedures for their minor children.

Not included in this minor medical procedure consent list is what SB 1004 defines as “transgender health, including gender-affirming care.”

Planned Parenthood clinics around California have started to aggressively promote “Transgender Hormone Services,” or “Gender Affirming Care,” which include puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones; drugs that will permanently sterilize children….

Although Planned Parenthood is not publicly advocating letting minors use transgender hormones without parent approval, the California Teacher’s Association (CTA) is publicly headed in that direction.

According to a recent Epoch Times report, the CTA changed its policy for school-based health clinics so that services for “transgender and non-binary youth” is equal to the privacy given to other students….

The above comes from an April 10 story in Press California.