The University of San Diego continues to cite state and federal law as the reason why it covers abortions in its student health plan for the upcoming school year but it will not name what laws require it.

Furthermore, a recent court settlement would seem to support the Catholic university’s ability to opt out of the coverage, but the school will not tell The College Fix if it plans to pursue legal recourse.

The university health insurance plan also pays for “gender-affirming treatment,” which is used to assist a person who is confused about their gender in presenting themselves as the opposite sex.

“USD’s employee and student benefit plans are required to align with state and federal regulations,” Senior Director of Media Relations Lissette Martinez told The College Fix via email. “The services mentioned [abortion and transgender drugs and surgeries] are typically those that are required to be covered, and individuals are encouraged to consult with their medical provider regarding the best course of treatment for any medical concern.”

Martinez ignored a specific question about a pair of federal court rulings, and subsequent legal settlement, that allowed a handful of Protestant churches to opt-out of California mandate that health insurance plans cover abortion. The Fix specifically asked USD if it planned to seek a similar waiver.

The university has yet to respond to a follow-up request sent three weeks ago that asked for clarification and specifically asked what federal law USD is citing, since the Catholic University of America does not cover abortion in its student health plan despite being subject to the same federal regulations….

This is not the only Catholic university that pays for abortions and transgender drugs and surgeries, as Loyola University Chicago continues to cover the procedures. The Jesuit Catholic university’s medical school also trains students in “transgender children” healthcare, as recently reported by The Fix.

From the College Fix