The following comes from an April 22 release from the Cardinal Newman Society

The University of San Diego’s decision to allow the Pride student group to host the Supreme Drag Superstar drag show on campus last year sharply divided students, donors and alumni.

The University is again allowing the event to take place. This year, Supreme Drag Superstar 2  takes place Thursday, April 25 at 7 p.m. in the campus’ largest auditorium, Shiley Theater. Again, the event has divided students and alumni. A group of students opposing it have issued a formal statement asking the university to cancel the drag show.

“The drag show undermines the dignity of the human person by advancing an ideology that is contrary to the natural law, and ultimately perpetuates the deep wounds of gender confusion rather than bringing true healing,” said a statement from Concerned Catholic USD Students.

Anticipating the negative response, the University released a statement ahead of the event. They are casting the show as “educational.”

Says the statement, from Carmen Vazquez, vice president of student affairs:

Similar to last year’s event, this show will be a combination of informative dialogue, campus resource offerings at information tables, and playful lip-synch performances designed both to raise awareness and understanding of the complex issues surrounding gender identity and expression, and to underscore the importance of mutual respect and the dignity of each individual.

The show as scheduled violates neither the university’s mission nor any university policies. The Celebration of Gender Expression supports the Church’s teaching on the dignity of the human person and does not promote either behavior or lifestyle that is contrary to the teachings of the Church.

USD supports its students in their journey and defends their right to plan and carry out events that conform to the rules uniformly applied to all approved student activities at the university.

In response to the outcry before last year’s drag show, University President Mary Lyons sent a letter to the University’s Trustees. She cited both California state law, and the fact that other Catholic universities have hosted drag shows, as reasons for the show.

The event is “intended to‘ foster students’ understanding of, and empathy for, the complexities of gender non-conformity,” wrote Lyons.

Holy hour planned

The following came in an April 22 email sent to San Diego Catholics.

Are you available to gather in prayer at USD in front of the Shiley Theatre prior to the Drag Show this Thurs April 25 at 6-7pm?

Please let me know. Please spread the word to your Catholic contacts. Thank you.

Let us pray for Gods protection surrounding these students.

A subsequent email:

IF security does not allow the prayer gathering in front of the Immaculata – then we will gather at the entrances to USD.


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