The following comes from an October 27 LifeSiteNews article by Ben Johnson:

AUSTIN, Texas – Abortion workers sometimes like to look at the dissected body parts of the babies they have aborted, because their organs are “cute,” an abortionist admits in a new video released by the Center for Medical Progress.

“One of our POC [point of care] persons is really into organ development,” Dr. Amna Dermish , an abortionist with Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas’ Austin location, says in an undercover video released this morning. “She’ll pull out, like, kidneys and heart. The heart we frequently see at nine weeks. She always looks for it.”

“Just like for fun?” the buyer, who introduces himself as “Robert Sarkis,” asks.

“Well, it’s cute,” another abortion worker, from Whole Women’s Health in Texas, replies.

Much of the footage in today’s Center for Medical Progress video debuted on October 5 during an interview Daleiden gave on The Blaze TV with Live Action founder Lila Rose. Live Action has announced it will soon release a new undercover series of videos “to expose the true nature of abortion and give viewers an encounter with the humanity of the preborn child.”

In the video Dermish says that removing an aborted baby’s skull and brain intact will “give me something to strive for.” She regrets that she has not yet mastered the technique.