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It looks like the pro-choice Feminist Studies professor who assaulted a pro-life teen on the campus of UC Santa Barbara is looking for financial assistance due to “growing legal fees”

In March, the Santa Barbara District Attorney filed charges of grand theft, battery, and vandalism against Professor Mireille Miller-Young for violence she committed against young pro-life activists who held a peaceful outreach on the UC Santa Barbara campus on March 4th.

Stephanie Gilmore, Ph.D. who describes herself as the editor for the Committee on LGBT History and a member of the editorial collective for the academic journal Feminist Studies has posted this plea for help on behalf of the pro-choice professor, “Dr. Mireille Miller-Young is facing increasingly high legal fees as a result of her activism in response to antichoice demonstrators. Of course, the legal system will determine the outcome of her case. But if you are inclined to help with the fees she will have to pay — to her attorney and possibly to restitution — please donate here. All money raised will go directly to Mireille.“

The notice has since been removed but not before the group on facebook Fire Mierille Miller Young saved a copy.

Gilmore penned her support for the violent actions of Miller-Young in a Feminist-Wire blog where she writes, “In the early 1990s, I volunteered as an escort at a women’s clinic that provided, among many other services, legal abortion…A court of law will determine the outcome of any legal actions that result from the situation. Legal agencies will also determine whether or not the actions of groups like LA Survivors are terroristic. But I stand with Mireille Miller-Young because she stands with women – ALL women – in the face of political intimidation and harassment. She is a warrior who deserves our support and praise…Mireille Miller-Young took a stand, rejected what she saw as a type of terrorism, and defended her right to her bodily integrity (after all, she is a human being). In so doing, she defended all of us. I am in solidarity with Mireille Miller-Young.”

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