A pro-life group found that the University of California-San Francisco is harvesting baby “genitalia” — including “gonads” — for experiments.

Under the California Public Records Act, Pro-Life San Francisco requested information on “human fetal tissue procurement logs.”

According to Live Action:

Pro-Life San Francisco provided Live Action News with the tissue procurement logs they obtained, which are referred to as “Arrival/Departure and Collection Lists,” presumably referring to the arrival and departure of the procurers themselves, whose entry and exit times are logged, in addition to the actual parts harvested. It appears from the dates that the fetal tissue harvesting business didn’t miss a beat while other businesses were completely shuttered during strict COVID-19 lockdowns in California.

Of particular note is the frequency with which reproductive organs appear on these lists. Out of 43 logs, 42 document the harvesting of genitalia and/or gonads. It seems ironic that these “scientists,” who work for an institution that postures itself as a frontline warrior in the battle for so-called “reproductive justice,” spend their days mutilating the reproductive organs of people whose lives have been brutally ended under the banner of “reproductive choice.” 

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