In a story that made national news, albeit mostly in the Catholic press, a high school student in New Jersey is suing her school district for failing to protect her when she showed a pro-life sign at a great big pro-abortion rally.

The National Catholic Register reported that, on May 24, on campus during school hours, Nichole Pagano, a 16-year-old at Hunterdon Central Regional High School, in the company of her older sister Vanessa, witnessed a horde of 200 schoolmates gathering to demonstrate in favor of child-killing. Not wishing to see the child in the womb go undefended, the pro-life sisters organized a spontaneous counter-protest of two. Nichole was walking in the very midst of the pro-aborts with a sign that read: “Equal Rights for Babies in the Womb.”

Pro-abortion students assaulted the girl with the sign, the one who had dared to commit the crime of individual thought. They surrounded the two sisters, screamed crude and intimidating comments, grabbed the girl and her sign, pulled her to the ground, and generally made it violently known that alternate visions would not be tolerated.

The only one to stick up for Nichole was her sister. School officials who stood by did absolutely nothing to prevent or restrain the attack.

Nichole emerged with scratches on her arms and legs and a wrenched shoulder. School officials later apologized to the victim of pro-abortion intolerance, but it was the sort of apology that shrugs off responsibility rather than accepting it.

So now Nichole is suing the district — which is exactly the right thing to do. It might be a tremendous exercise in Christian endurance to let the matter go unanswered, except that it would condemn future pro-life students in the district to a choice between silence and beatings. In the long run, it would also condemn the helpless babies destined for butchery to go undefended….

From Life Legal Defense Foundation