The following comes from a July 15 email sent by Sacramento pro-life leader Wynette Sills.

The abortion business at Wright Street, Women’s Health Specialists is OPENING A NEW OFFICE at the corner of Ethan Way and Hallmark., owned by developer Ethan Conrad, pictured below.

The site at Ethan Way is currently being remodeled in preparation for the move, so please call property owner Ethan Conrad at 916-779-1000 to tell him how much you, your family, your church and community OPPOSE abortion. Ethan Conrad is a well-known, very wealthy local developer. See this article about his $300 million empire in the Sacramento Bee and proudly displayed on his website.  I called him Friday to polity speak with him about our concerns and he said he “didn’t get involved,” then he quickly hung up on me!

Please call Mr. Conrad at 916-779-1000 and explain to him that by having an abortion clinic at his property, he will be DIRECTLY involved in abortion, with his monthly rent being paid with blood money derived from hurting women and killing babies. Women’s Health Specialists do several dozen abortions each week, through 18 weeks of pregnancy. See what an 18 week baby looks like here.

The Women’s Health Specialist abortion business also promotes

Group Menstrual Extraction.” Mr. Conrad needs to hear from all of you, especially from Pastors, post-abortive women, real estate businesspersons, Sac State Alumni and community leaders! Please have your friends, family, church members, and Pastor call Mr. Conrad first thing Monday and all this coming week at 916-779-1000 to express your serious concerns about him opening a new abortion clinic, asking him NOT to proceed with his plans! 

**GRAND OPENING of NEW Abortion business at Butano**

Unfortunately, this past Thursday, Family Planning Associates, one of the largest abortion chains in the nation, had their “Grand Opening” at the previously-closed abortion business at 2322 Butano, across from Country Club Plaza!  This 2322 Butano location was previously leased