On Wednesday, two Catholic men were thrown out of a diocesan event in San Diego with little explanation.

Hidden-camera footage shows the two men getting thrown out of Nativity Church, where Bp. Robert McElroy was holding a question-and-answer session on the sex abuse scandal. The event was free and open to the public.

Moments after they walked in, the men — one identified as Kevin Kramer — were spotted by Kevin Eckery, communications director of the San Diego diocese. Eckery can then be seen speaking to security.

Within about a minute, security guards approached the two individuals and told them they needed to leave. When they asked security why they were being kicked out, one guard said they had allegedly been “loud” at a previous listening session. Neither of the men, however, were causing any disruption at Wednesday’s event when they were told to leave.

After the men refused to go, security guards forcibly escorted them out, ignoring repeated questions asking why they were being thrown out.

Bishop McElroy announced in August there would be a series of eight “listening sessions” throughout October and early November to hear Catholics’ feedback on the sex abuse cover-up crisis. The bishop, however, has evaded questions with regard to homosexuality, a number of people openly challenging him and expressing frustration at his inability to deal with clerical cover-up.

This is not the first time security workers have removed Catholics from Bp. McElroy’s listening sessions. At an Oct. 3 listening session, several young Catholics — including Kramer — were removed from the event after they asked tough questions about McElroy’s failure to address homosexuality in the priesthood.

Wednesday night’s listening session was similar to previous events, attendants seated at round tables, with each table choosing one representative. Following a brief discussion, each table could ask one question of the bishop.

At Wednesday’s session, Bp. McElroy expressed a willingness to ordain same-sex attracted men to the priesthood.

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