In anticipation of Charlie Kirk’s speaking engagement at the University of California, Davis at the invitation of the Turning Point USA’s student group, Chancellor Gary May released a remarkable video, expressing the hope that no one would show up for the event. Yes, he said, “we can work together to neutralize and negate their influence” — and we do this in the name of free speech.

Chancellor May made clear that he personally considered Kirk’s views to be “loathsome and hurtful.” And he referred to Kirk as “a well-known proponent of misinformation and hate and who has advocated for violence against transgender individuals.” (Kirk noted in a response video that he might sue May for the trans-related comment.)

For his part, May stated that he was standing with the university’s trans and non-binary community members and opposing Kirk’s “hateful and divisive message.”

He explained that he could not stop the event from taking place, based on the law (it’s clear he would have stopped it otherwise). But, he noted, if there was a “clear and present danger to the campus,” the event could be stopped.

Accordingly, he said, “while I abhor the inflammatory speech of this speaker,” school policy permitted him to speak.

Of course, the event itself was peaceful on the part of TPUSA and Kirk. But it was not peaceful on the part of the Antifa protestors, who violently stormed the building where it was being held, even smashing through some of the glass doors.

It appears the chancellor’s concerns about a potential violence were pointed in the wrong direction….

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