On last Thursday, Oct. 31, in the San Francisco trial of Planned Parenthood vs. David Daleiden, the abortion giant’s attorney’s tried to undermine Daleiden’s testimony about an earlier exposé that had inspired him.

Here is what LifeSiteNews reported:

Planned Parenthood lawyer Rhonda Trotter spent most of Thursday trying to undermine the 2000 20/20 exposé of a Kansas Planned Parenthood abortionist, who boasted to the ABC undercover investigator that he was projecting potential profits of $50,000 a week selling aborted baby body parts, and which Daleiden said was one of the sources informing his belief that he needed to investigate the black market in fetal organs.

Trotter pointed out that the whistleblower in the 20/20 exposé, Dean Alberty, signed an affidavit for his 2000 testimony to Congress stating he had no personal knowledge of an abortion clinic profiting from the sale of fetal organs, or the medical knowledge to know if abortion procedures were changed to harvest intact fetal organs.

On cross-examination by his lawyer, Charles LiMandri, Daleiden testified that Alberty had “been induced” to sign the affidavit but “never recanted” his “sworn testimony to Congress; that he had seen 24-week-old twins drowned in the Planned Parenthood in Kansas and that sometimes he cut open the chests of fetuses and saw that their hearts were still beating when he was harvesting from them.”