Latino support for President Donald Trump has risen to 30% nationwide, a survey published by Claremont McKenna College in California finds.

These numbers seem to suggest that Trump’s support among Latinos could be growing and support for the Democrat nominee seems to be shrinking compared to exit polls from 2016.

According to the new survey, Joe Biden’s Latino support is at 62%, slightly underperforming 2016 Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s 66% support in that election’s exit polls. In 2016, Trump won 28% of the Latino vote.

“Trump is gaining ground despite Covid-19 and building the border wall,” said Gaston Espinosa, the professor in charge of the study. “Latinos will be among the largest groups of voters in key swing states in 2020, making this population key for Biden, especially in Florida.”

The survey polled 1,292 Latinos from Sept. 8-18, making it the largest Latino religion and politics survey this election season.  While the findings suggest that Trump may be gaining some ground with Latino voters, Trump’s real support among Latinos in the new study could be nearly 3% more or less, as the margin of error of the survey is +/- 2.73%.

The college reports that while Biden has a commanding lead in support among Latinos in swing states, the study shows that Trump is performing better than expected in five states: Florida (41%), Nevada (38%), Texas (35%), Georgia (35%), and North Carolina (28%).

Nearly 20% of Latinos are evangelical Christians, the survey said. These evangelicals are also most likely to vote for Trump (48% to 46%).

Espinosa, the Arthur V. Stoughton Professor of Religious Studies,  said that Trump could get the highest Latino support since John McCain’s 31% in 2008.

“Based on Trump’s favorability rating, the fact that conservatives underreport, and that a high percentage of independent and undecided voters nationwide are born-again Christians, Trump may end up taking 31-34% of the U.S. Latino vote — though probably around 32-33%,” Espinosa said in a statement.

The above comes from an Oct. 10 story in the Christian Post.