Tracy Weitz, the woman at the Bixby Global Reproductive Health Center, University of  California San Francisco who orchestrated the medical research project which ended in legalizing non-physician abortions, is no longer working there.

Weitz’s “husband,” Marj Plumb, announced,  “On January 1, 2014, I moved to Nebraska with my wife, Tracy Weitz, who took an exciting new job based in Omaha. This will be an important step in her already stellar career.”

The announcement was made by Plumb on the website for the Lyon Martin Center in San Francisco which focuses on health services for lesbians and transgendered people.

According to David Callahan of Inside Philanthropy, hiring of Tracy Weitz of UC San Francisco by the Buffett Foundation in Omaha, Nebraska has been kept hush-hush – “no press release, of course.”

Callahan says of Weitz, “She worked for Planned Parenthood early in her career, and she’s worked squarely on abortion and women’s health issues for many years at the University of California in San Francisco, where she’s been affiliated since 2002.”

Her bio at UC San Francisco states:
“Dr. Weitz’s passion is for those aspects of women’s health which are marginalized either for ideological reasons, or because the populations affected lack the means or mechanisms to have their concerns raised. Her current research focuses on innovative strategies to expand abortion provision in the U.S. Included in her research portfolio is a demonstration project of the use of nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, and physician assistants as providers of abortion care in California, several studies of abortion regulation, and a national strategic plan to secure access to later abortion care.”

Weitz’s project at UC San Francisco –  HWPP #171 –  was designed to create non-physician surgical abortionists who would work primarily at Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in California. The industry is eager to fill the void, both in California and the United States, created by fewer physicians willing to do abortions. Weitz’s project was eventually criticized for the higher complications to women committed by non-physician abortionists trained in her program.

Weitz had a salary of $136,000 per year at UC San Francisco and is expected to make $350,000 as director of domestic programs, a position vacated by Judith DeSarno at the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation.

Almost the entire amount of $2 billion from the Buffett Foundation is doled out to population control advocacy groups such as Planned Parenthood. That money will now be controlled by Weitz and her boss, Allen Greenberg, executive director of the Buffet Foundation and a former attorney for Public Citizen. Under Weitz, it is expected that the Buffett Foundation will give billions of dollars to the population control industry for the purpose of creating  new non-physician surgical abortionists throughout the nation and abroad.

The Buffett Foundation has been eager to throw millions into “access” projects, especially in Africa and Turkey.  One particular population control group, Venture Strategies Innovation of Irvine, California, received over $6 million in 2012 to create “access.”   Joseph Speidel, M.D. age 77, is co-director at UC San Francisco’s Global Reproductive Health Center and as such was Weitz’s boss there.  Speidel is on the board of directors at the Venture Strategies Innovation company.