President Joe Biden’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) nominee, Tracy Stone-Manning, is an ecoterrorist who demanded Americans undergo population control in the name of environmental stewardship.

According to the Daily Caller Thursday, Stone-Manning featured a shirtless American baby in an ad for her graduate thesis declaring the child an “environmental hazard.”

“Can you spot the environmental hazard in this photo?” the ad’s headline asked. “That’s right, it’s the cute baby. Americans believe that overpopulation is only a problem somewhere else in the world. But it’s a problem here too.”

Stone-Manning’s ad continues, urging Americans adopt a Chinese-style limited child policy.

“The earth is only so big, and we can tap into it only so often. In America, we tap in often and hard,” Stone-Manning wrote. “When we overpopulate, the earth notices it more. Stop at two. It could be the best thing you do for the planet….”

“The point is a simple one,” Stone-Manning explained in her thesis. “Harshly, the ads say that the earth can’t afford Americans. More softly, they ask people to think about how their family planning choices affect the planet….”

Stone-Manning’s nomination had already been under fire from Republicans for her links to episodes of ecoterrorism in Idaho.

In 1993, Biden’s nominee accepted legal immunity in exchange for testimony that she aided in a 1989 tree-spiking incident, wherein left-wing environmental terrorists jam metal spikes into trees which turn into projectiles when processed for logging….

Circumstances of the investigation into the Idaho tree-spiking case show Stone-Manning had been a primary subject which contradicts her testimony to Senate lawmakers that she had never been the target of a federal investigation. Stone-Manning had even complained to the local press several decades ago about being investigated….

Despite her links to ecoterrorism, the Biden White House pursuing a radical environmental agenda has continued to stand by its pick to manage the nation’s public lands.

“Tracy Stone-Manning is a dedicated public servant who has years of experience and a proven track record of finding solutions and common ground when it comes to our public lands and waters,” the administration said in a statement earlier this week. “She is exceptionally qualified to be the next Director of the Bureau of Land Management….”

The above comes from a June 25 story in The Federalist.