The following comes from a November 24 Daily Mail article by Ashley Collman:

David and Melissa Pineda say they went to Torrance, California fertility doctor Dr Rifaat Salem in December 2013, after struggling to conceive a fourth child, and two months later Mrs. Pineda was implanted with a set of embryos.

But just two days after the procedure, while Mrs. Pineda was on ordered bed rest, she says she got a call from the doctor telling her to come into the office immediately – even though it was a Sunday.

When she got to the practice, Mrs. Pineda says she had a disturbing conversation with a nurse who said she came in to check on the couple’s remaining embryos on Saturday and found that all 14 original eggs were still in the petri dish – suggest that they had in fact been implanted with another person’s embryos.

Without any explanation, Dr. Salem said he wanted to check in on how the embryos were doing. But Mrs. Pineda believes she actually underwent a very painful dilation and curettage procedure – a scraping of the cervix which is the most common method used in first term abortions.

Mrs. Pineda was told to come in the next day to receive an injection of a drug that would stop some of her bleeding, but she later found out that what she really received was the drug methotrexate – a chemical abortion drug.

‘There’s no question in my mind that this was a viable healthy pregnancy that he wanted to make sure did not continue. That’s why he did two things: a chemical abortion and a surgical abortion. He wanted to be 1billion per cent sure this baby did not go to full term,’ Howard said.

The couple say they never would have agreed to an abortion and believe that the couple whose embryos they received should know the truth about what happened.