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Looking for ways to incorporate your faith into daily life? Why not start with finding Christ on Facebook? We’re serious, and we have the Top 100 Catholic Facebook pages worth following. The list includes the best Catholic schools, spiritual publications, local churches and Catholic goods galore. Find ways to connect and share about family, food and even politics. Check out the pages below and follow your favorite ones!


  1. Catholic Online — 104,834 likes: Catholic Online serves the global Catholic community, other Christians, other people of faith and all people of good will by providing “fact driven/faith informed” news, views, and content over its integrated media network.
  2. Catholic Saint of the Day — 86,607 likes: Like a word-of-the-day calendar on your computer screen, this page features one Catholic saint per day. You can easily learn them all!
  3. UCatholic — 60,804 likes: is dedicated to providing traditional Catholic information in the modern world so that like in the words of Pope Benedict XVI “So that the Church and its message continue to be present…and so that it is not a stranger to those spaces where numerous young people search for answers and meaning in their lives…”
  4.  “Your Catholic Broadband Network” — 56,326 likes: With a mission of helping people come alive in their Faith by encountering the Truth and the love of God revealed by Jesus Christ, CatholicTV broadcasts local and national religious programming and live events for the Catholic Church in America. CatholicTV strives to unfold and explore Christian treasures in a way that is faithful, dynamic and understandable and by doing so, they hope to help ordinary people awaken their Faith, and help them develop a more vital relationship with God.
  5. Catholics Worldwide — 45,136 likes: This page is a highly popular source for Christian doctrine, Mass reflections, prayer requests, quotes from the Saints and Catholic news.
  6. Catholic News Service — 43,099 likes: Catholic News Service is a leading agency for religious news, headquartered in Washington.  They’re the top Catholic news outlet in the world with a mission to report fully, fairly and freely on the involvement of the church in the world today.
  7. Catholic News Agency — 40,824 likes: With a mission to provide a steady flow of Catholic news to the secular media and to end-users in order to increase the visibility of the Catholic Church in the public square, CNA strives to provide free, up-to-the-minute news affecting the Universal Church, giving particular emphasis to the words of the Holy Father and events of the Holy See, to any person with access to the internet.
  8. National Catholic Register —  37,521 likes: With a mission to inform, inspire, challenge & equip active Catholics to engage the culture with confidence, the National Catholic Register continues to provide its readers with timely news reporting from across the United States, from the Vatican, and from around the world.
  9. ShareCatholic — 19,620 likes: As Bishop Fulton Sheen famously said “There are not one hundred people in the United States who hate The Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they wrongly perceive the Catholic Church to be.” The purpose of this Facebook page and the corresponding website is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and defend the Catholic Faith by clarifying misunderstandings about the Catholic Faith.
  10. Apostles Filipino Catholic Community — 18,625 likes: With a mission to preach the word of God through the worldwide web, this Roman Catholic Facebook page has a variety of posts on a variety of pious subjects.
  11. Truth and Charity — 16,790 likes: Written by lay Catholics who love Jesus and His Church, this Facebook page seeks to evangelize Catholic culture through discussions of current and timeless issues.
  12. Catholic Study Fellowship — 13,522 likes: Bringing the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone, Catholic Study Fellowship is a group of enthusiastic and evangelical Catholics who love Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church. They are Catholics who love to share our rich and ancient faith with others and they believe it is their duty to make learning about the Catholic faith fun and engaging.
  13. — 13,297 likes: is a web based apostolate, directed by the Legionaries of Christ and Regnum Christi Movement, intended to equip Catholics with information to help them build a Christ like character.
  14. National Catholic Reporter — 9,860 likes: With a mission to provide independent reporting and commentary serving the People of God as they work to renew the life of the Church and prepare the way for the Reign of God, the National Catholic Reporter brings you independent reporting on the Catholic church and justice issues since 1964
  15. Catholic Exchange — 9,741 likes: With a mission to mobilize an army of spiritual, cultural, and political transformation, CE, a non-profit media organization, seeks to educate its readers, bring them into conversation and lead them to action by spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to all.
  16. Crisis Magazine — 5,862 likes: This magazine and Facebook page explores politics, business, culture, faith and family life from the Catholic perspective.
  17. My Catholic Faith Steve Silvia — 5,487 likes: Articles analyzing the doctrines and practices of the Catholic theology from a Christian perspective, with emphasis on the Bible, Mary, Purgatory and justification.
  18. The Catholic Herald — 5,137 likes: The Catholic Herald is Britain’s leading Catholic newspaper and can be found online at . It has a mission to serve the Catholic community of England and Wales, and the wider Catholic world.
  19. Catholicism — 5,128 likes: This page is devoted to everything you ever wanted to know about Catholicism, brought to you by the team at
  20. Cathletics — 1,767 likes: Like athletics for your Faith, this site offers a daily workout of the teachings of the Church for those seeking deeper understanding.
  21. Saints of the Roman Catholic Church — 1,297 likes: This page explores the relationship between Catholics and their favorite Saints, highlighting Saints throughout the week along with other thoughts on spirituality.
  22. Catholicism The Fullness of Christian Faith — 881 likes: A page sharing the teachings of the Catholic faith, including Papal encyclicals, documents of the Magisterium, writings from Doctors of the Church and Catholic theologies and apologetics.
  23. Catholicism and Science — 762 likes: A community of science-loving Catholics congregate on this page to prove that there need not be conflict between science and the Catholic Church.
  24. iPadre Catholic Podcast — 154 likes: Father Jay Finelli does interviews, tells stories and answers questions of faith with great compassion – and great music – on his podcast.


  1. Catholics United for the Faith —  159,020 likes: Catholics United for the Faith is an international lay apostolate with the mission to support, defend and advance the efforts of the Teaching Church.
  2. Catholic Memes —  115,476 likes: “Bless us oh Lord for these thy Gif.s” and other funny memes are delivered daily. If you love Memes, this will brighten your week!
  3. Love Being Catholic —  61,725 likes: This page is for everyone who loves being Catholic, reminding people of their faith with photos and quotes multiple times a day.
  4. Integrated Catholic Life —  44,297 likes: The Integrated Catholic Life, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that promotes the integration of faith, family and work by providing relevant content from today’s best Catholic writers to help you live your faith at home, work and in the public square.
  5. Fr. James Martin, SJ —  39,153 likes: Author of The Jesuit Guide, Friar James Martin is a GE executive turned Jesuit priest – a journey that has taken him from the slums of Nairobi to a media career in Manhattan.
  6. + CATHOLIC DAILY + —  30,104 likes: The Catholic Daily Facebook page is brought to us by proudly Catholics. Here you can get inspired daily with the scriptures and other worthy writings and mingle with people of like-minds.
  7. Word On Fire Catholic Ministries —  26,123 likes: Word on Fire Catholic Ministries is a nonprofit global media organization which supports Catholic evangelical preaching, particularly the work of Father Robert Barron, and reaches millions of people to draw them into or back to the Catholic faith.
  8. The Catholicism Project —  21,180 likes: Produced by Word On Fire Catholic Ministries, The Catholicism Project is a movie about the rich heritage of the Catholic Church as well as its living culture.
  9. Catholic! —  20,872 likes: Facebook’s largest communities of Catholics invites you to Join them! This page is not affiliated with The Roman Catholic Church in any way shape or form and as a community of Catholics they enjoy the freedom and the opportunity of discussing topics freely and without reserve.
  10. CatholicGag —  16,240 likes: CatholicGag is site with catholic memes, quotes, e-cards, videos, etc. that is about fun, education, apologetics, evangelization and much more, for Catholics and people of all religions to enjoy.
  11. BadCatholic —  12,472 likes: Based on a blog first started from a tendency to everything down, this is a Catholic blog, that is not a ministry nor an apostolate but discusses virtuous issues and topics.
  12. American Catholic Radio —  11,302 likes: The Franciscan Media and Catholic Communication Campaign put together a weekly program to help listeners “know your faith, so you can grow your faith.”
  13. Catholic Digest —  8,045 likes: As America’s most popular Catholic magazine, Catholic Digest has been connecting with readers through personal stories of triumphs and struggles, joys and challenges, and also the lighter side of Catholic living for over 75 years.
  14. Bob & Penny Lord —  7,468: Bob and Penny Lord are Catholic authors of over 25 books and hosts of more than 200 programs on the Saints, Miracles of the Eucharist and Apparitions of Mary.
  15. Ars Orandi Traditional Catholicism —  7,419 likes: This blog and Facebook page explores the art and beauty of traditional Catholicism, with a goal of helping the faithful to experience the beauty of the Traditional Latin Mass.
  16. Waking Up Catholic —  6,904 likes: An intersection of evangelization and apologetics, this page seeks to share the beauty of Catholicism with a wide online audience.
  17. —  6,079 likes: Celebrating all things Faith, Family and Fun, this website Celebrates Catholic Motherhood and family life from a Catholic perspective.
  18. Our Village is a Little Different —  5,607 likes: Explores family life with Aspberger syndrome, homeschooling, Catholicism, and personal stories. It’s also a great source for product reviews and giveaways.
  19. St. Peter’s List —  3,868 likes: A page devoted to reflecting the beauty of the Catholic tradition, St. Thomas Aquinas, classical education, and “Vatican-toasting young papists.”
  20. Being Catholic. Really —  3,795 likes: Pam, the editor of Being Catholic. She converted to Catholicism 30 years ago and shares her journey with humor and humility.
  21. PhatMass —  3,374 likes: A fun Facebook page that shares humorous and poignant images and quotes to promote dialogue between people of all faiths.
  22. Catholicism USA —  1,479 likes: The page engages America on issues of Faith, Religion, Politics and Culture, acting as both news source and commentary with a spiritual perspective.
  23. The Daily Mass —  1,339 likes: The Daily Mass from St. Ann’s Media reaches out to believers with the good news of Jesus Christ through Facebook, using social media as ministry.
  24. Catholic Humor —  1,183 likes: Catholic Humor is a source of good-natured jokes for the Catholic clergy and community – or anyone who loves a good chuckle.
  25. Raising Little Saints —  1,104 likes: This page and its parent-blog is about Catholic home-schooling andgives support to parents teaching their own children, complete with curriculum ideas.


  1. The Catholic Company —  208,702 likes: The Catholic Company has been in business since 1997 and is now the leading online and catalog seller of high quality Catholic books and gifts answering Pope John Paul II`s call for all Catholics to join in a New Evangelization.
  2. St. Michael Society —  65,946 likes: A society of Catholic professionals and activists started this page to defend and promote the Catholic faith in the public sphere.
  3. Aquinas and More Catholic Goods —  31,622 likes: Aquinas and More is the premier Catholic store that offers over 3000 patron saint medals, thousands of books, e-books, digital music and audio books.
  4. Tan Books —  13,253 likes: A book publisher of traditional Catholic books for over 40 years, their Facebook page is a constant source for spiritual inspiration with pictures and quotes.
  5. Catholic Fundamentalism —  12,769 likes: The books on this Facebook page explore Catholic Fundamentalism. It discusses how once we understand that God can program in three dimensions, we realize that He could have programmed the universe with blinding speed and things like energies and particles, then compiled them into systems and beings.
  6. Catholic Icing —  10,990 likes: Check out Catholic Icing for Catholic crafts and more started by Lacy who is a stay-at-home mom and wife with a frugal side, which is one of the reasons why she started this blog- to provide a free resource of Catholic Ideas to the Catholic community.
  7. Catholic Gifts & More —  10,660 likes: Catholic Gifts & More is your one stop for all Catholic gifts for everyone in your family with high quality gifts at great prices and a large selection of gifts for every occasion.
  8. Holy Family —  8,147 likes: The Holy Family is a Catholic Company owned and operated by a Catholic Family with a mission to Provide Resources to Strengthen the Catholic Faith in Our Lives. They have generations of Catholic faith and have been spreading the religious faith by providing 1000′s of Catholic resources to the People of the Church through their online and local retail store.
  9. Catholic Healthcare West Careers —  6,598 likes: There are some extraordinary people here at Catholic Healthcare West – people who believe that values like dignity, justice, and stewardship are key to high quality, compassionate care. They are from a lot of different fields such as Nursing, Home Health and Hospice, Pharmacy and Imaging and almost everyone shares an uncommon devotion to their patients, to each other, and to the proposition that a life lived on purpose is a life that truly matters.
  10. American Catholic —  6,360 likes: is a trusted media source and service of Franciscan Media (formerly known as St. Anthony Messenger Press), Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. It offers reliable information on the Catholic and Christian faith as well as a host of Catholic features, including news, commentary, books, videos, audio and much more!
  11. Loyola Press —  5,717 likes: A Jesuit ministry and publishing company in Chicago that helps people find God in all things, but perhaps especially in books.
  12. Catholic Bling —  4,975 likes: Catholic Bling is what happens when four friends and their daughters get together for a fun day of bracelet making. The company focus is to manufacture accessories inspired by our faith, and to market them on-line and through retail events.
  13. The Catholic Couponer —  4,585 likes: The Catholic Couponer strives to help readers young and old learn to coupon and save Gods money with a twist of Catholicism by trying to give readers a little bit of “catholic” and a little bit of “couponing” Each day, alternating the 2 topics.
  14. Indivisible —  Catholic Edition —  4,101 likes: Official fan page of the book  which asks “Are we in a crisis?” and examines abortions, divorce, broken families, social approval of same-sex lifestyles and the push for same-sex marriage,  economic collapse, unemployment, and swelling government debt.
  15. Romantic Catholic —  3,230 likes: This clothes shop’s Facebook page publicizes its Catholic T-shirts that spread the Good News and defend the Faith – with good humor.
  16. Pillars of Catholicism —  3,209 likes: The Pillars of Catholicism is a crash course on the fundamentals of the Faith, presented in 13 half-hour episodes. One new episode is unlocked each week!
  17. Gifts Catholic —  2,795 likes: This store has everything you need for great gift ideas for Catholic friends and family members, including rosaries and rosary parts.


  1. CatholicVote —  120,660 likes: The mission of is to educate and inspire Americans of all faiths to prioritize the issues of life, faith, and family and consider them in their political actions.
  2. Catholic Women’s League of Victoria and Wagga Wagga —  101,216 likes: The Catholic Women’s League of Victoria and Wagga Wagga was founded in 1916 by a visionary group of young women who sought to change the world through prayer and action.
  3. Catholic Advocate —  19,529 likes: Catholic Advocates has the mission to engage and encourage faithful Catholics to actively participate in the political process to support elected officials and policies that remain consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  4. Catholic League —  9,779 likes: the nation’s largest Catholic civil rights organization works to safeguard the religious freedom rights and free speech of Catholics when slanderous assaults are made against the Catholic Church, it hits the newspapers, television, and radio talk shows defending the right of the Church to promote its teachings with as much verve as any other institution in society.
  5. Stand with the US Bishops Against the HHS —  6,913: On January 20, 2012, the Obama Administration’s HHS reaffirmed its decision to force virtually all employers, including the vast majority of Catholic organizations, to cover contraceptives, sterilizations, and abortions for all employees.  This page fights that ruling.
  6. The Catholic Pro-Life Committee —  6,658 likes: With a mission to educate, unite, and mobilize Catholics and all people of good will in the Diocese of Dallas and to end abortion and restore respect and legal protection for every human life, The Catholic Pro-Life Committee is devoted to ending the greatest tragedy the world has ever known – abortion.
  7. Catholic Women’s League Australia —  6,256 likes: CWLA is dedicated to building a culture of life; advocating for the respect of human rights with a particular focus on women and children; promoting the teaching of Christ and his Church concerning the dignity, integrity and freedom of the human person; promoting and supporting the formation of women to meet contemporary challenges and much more.
  8. Walk for Life West Coast —  1,913 likes: With the mission to establish a West Coast tradition of celebrating life, this group comes together to spread anti-abortion messages.


  1. Catholic Relief Services —  53,703 likes: Catholic Relief Services is the official international humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the United States with a mission to carry out the commitment of the Bishops of the United States to assist the poor and vulnerable overseas.
  2. Catholic HEART Workcamp —   14,913 likes: Catholic HEART Workcamp’s has a twofold mission- first is to share the love of Jesus and serve the neglected, brokenhearted and marginalized and the second is to empower participants to live as disciples of Christ through serving others.
  3. Catholic Apostolate Center —  9,653 likes: The Catholic Apostolate Center was founded in 2011 to respond to the needs of the Church through developing formation programs for the New Evangelization in collaboration with dioceses and other institutions and organizations, assisting pastoral ministers in deepening collaboration with one another and providing formation and apostolic opportunities for members and collaborators.
  4. Joliet Catholic Boy’s Basketball —  4,282 likes: Joliet Catholic Academy is a Roman Catholic college preparatory high school for boys and girls co-sponsored by the Joliet Sisters of St. Francis of Mary Immaculate and the Carmelites of the Most Pure Heart of Mary with an athletic programs and activities are second to none and currently, JCA has over 21,000 alumni in the United States and abroad.
  5. Support our Catholic Sisters —  4,164 likes: This Facebook page aims to report the actions of our Catholic communities as they express their support and affection for the women have set the best examples, shaping consciences and faith lives for so many years.
  6. Catholic Christian Outreach Canada —  3,730 likes: Catholic Christian Outreach is a university student movement dedicated to evangelization and they challenge young people to live in the fullness of the Catholic faith, with a strong emphasis on becoming leaders in the renewal of the world. The goal of our campus movement is simple but far-reaching.
  7. Liverpool Catholic Club —  2,674 likes: The Club provides the major social activities in the life of the Parish such as a hairdresser, butcher, courtesy shuttle and much more, and besides the social aspect, there is a Bursary Scheme to help children in Catholic Schools to continue with their education.
  8. DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club —  2,211 likes: DOOLEYS is a social club that welcomes all members of the community, aged 18 years or over and offers an impressive variety of well-appointed dining, entertainment and function facilities at three great Sydney locations.


  1. Catholic Extension —  22,598 likes: Catholic Extension is a non-profit organization committed to supporting and strengthening under-resourced Catholic communities across the US with the help of generous contributions from donors, it provides funding and resources to dioceses and parishes through programs and services that invest in people, their ministries and their churches.
  2. Catholic Schools – Archdiocese of Cincinnati – Dayton – Miami Valley —  13,948 likes: Established over 150 years ago, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati is a network of Catholic elementary and high schools dedicated to the teaching mission of the Catholic Church. The schools of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati are Christ-centered communities focused on faith formation, academic achievement and personal growth.
  3. FOCUS-The Fellowship of Catholic University Students —  11,767 likes: FOCUS, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students is a national outreach to colleges and universities throughout the United States. Through small group Bible studies, large group leadership training, and one-on-one mentoring, FOCUS brings the fullness of life and truth in the Catholic Church to college students and gives them the tools to help them share this good news with their friends.
  4. The Dynamic Catholic Institute —  9,200 likes: They develop Dynamic Resources that Inspire people to Rediscover Catholicism, live with Passion and Purpose, and bring Spiritual Vitality to the Church by developing Catholic learning-systems that engage the people of our time in a conversation about Catholicism.
  5. Day by Day in Our World —  8,839 likes: This Facebook page documents the life of on Catholic homeschool family, sharing resources and joy with other Catholic homeschooling families.
  6. Central Catholic High School —  5,728 likes: Central Catholic High School is a private co-educational, comprehensive and college preparatory school with a philosophy that challenges us to continue to grow to meet the needs of our students.
  7. Tampa Catholic High School —  3,668 likes: Inspired by the Gospel and animated by the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice, founder of the Christian Brothers, their mission celebrates the value and dignity of each person.
  8. Cathedral Catholic High School —  2,733 likes: CCHS is a Catholic, college prep high school for young men and women that provides one of the best educations in the nation as it is committed to the holistic development of each individual student to his/her potential. CCHS believes in promoting academic achievement through a rigorous program of liberal study in a nurturing community of faith based on the ministry of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  9. Lexington Catholic High School Band —  1,968 likes: the Lexington Catholic High School Band serves as an integral part of the educational mission of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lexington and serves Catholic students and students of other faith traditions.
  10. Saint Jude Catholic School —  1,390 likes: Saint Jude Catholic School is a Roman Catholic private preparatory, elementary and high school located in Malacañang in the district of San Miguel in Manila, run by the Society of the Divine Word is committed to providing quality and relevant education that promotes discipline, humane values, holistic development, service and excellence, rooted on gospel values that takes pride in our unique cultural heritage to become responsible citizens of the world and lives out prophetic dialogue and proclaim the Kingdom of God’s love.


  1. Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne —  9,182 likes: The Church was prepared for in the Old Testament, founded by the words and actions of Jesus Christ, established by His Saving Cross and His Resurrection, and revealed as the Mystery of Salvation by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. She will come to completion in the glory of heaven as the assembly of all the redeemed.
  2. Face Forward —  Connecting Catholic Youth —  6,895 likes: Face Forward – Connecting Young Catholics, is developed by the Vocations Office of the Columbus Catholic Diocese Face Forward and it is the place to explore your Catholic faith; connect with others in the Columbus Catholic community, and learn more about your vocation.
  3. St. Mary’s Catholic Center —  6,730 likes: The Catholic Campus Ministry which serves Texas A&M University and Blinn College and is the largest campus ministry in the country. They strive to live and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through worship, education, service, fellowship, and stewardship, as a parish community of students, faculty, staff and others who choose to share in this mission.
  4. St. Ann Catholic Parish —  1,631 likes: St. Ann Catholic Parish is a faith community of almost 8,500 registered households with over 28,000 members comprised of Catholics serving the Church in the far northwest corner of Dallas County.


  1. —  17,616 likes: Catholic Match gives single Catholics the best opportunity to grow in their faith and fall in love by providing an environment focused on the values that make a successful marriage and providing the largest community for single Catholics in the world.
  2. National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) —  10,986 likes: Sponsored by the NFCYM and serving those who serve the young church, the NFCYM holds a biennial gathering for high school aged Catholics where 25,000 youth and adults celebrate and explore their Catholic faith.
  3. —  8,113 likes: With a mission of bringing together Catholic singles from all over the world in love and fellowship, has been the best dating and fellowship site for Catholics since 1997 and has been seen on EWTN, Newsweek and the CBS Early Show. Register Free Today!
  4. Catholic Fiction —  5,413 like: Catholic Fiction publishes news, views and reviews of Catholic Fiction, including book reviews, book giveaways, interviews, and a meme of the week.

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