The following comes from an email sent to Cal Catholic on Aug. 24.

Dear Pro-life Friends,

Please pray for a young couple who came to FPA today from Mexico for an abortion.  It was clear from the beginning that the young woman was having doubts about the abortion, but felt she had no choice because of their financial and family situations.  Upon talking to two counselors, the couple was given as much information as possible about the terrible affects of abortion and also on the help that was available to them.  They sat in their car for quite a long time and eventually came out and went into FPA.

Towards the end of the morning one of the counselors left and was driving down Miramar Road and spotted them on the balcony.  The counselor turned around and went back into the parking lot to motion to them to come down.  The young woman looked at the counselor and went back into FPA.  Several minutes later she came out again and gave her purse to her boyfriend.  She went in and came out a third time with paperwork.  They came down into the parking lot and spoke with one of the prayer warriors and the counselors.  She was 15 weeks and had to re-schedule the appointment because she was late term.

This began a conversation about how help could be given to this couple.  She was overwhelmed with the generosity and seemed relieved that people actually cared for her.  The prayer warrior took them out to eat and to make plans to help them.  This couple is going to be facing many difficulties and needs our prayers and support.  Please include them in your prayers this week.  May God bless them.

Thank you to all who came today to pray for the most vulnerable of God’s creation.