Tim Buckley founded Vintage Design, a family-owned and operated full service design center and flooring subcontractor for homebuilders and homebuyers located in Lake Forest.

Nearly 20 years ago, he transposed his company’s annual Christmas celebration from a secular hotel dinner party to an early morning Mass, breakfast and associate recognitions.

“I found there was too much alcohol being drunk and too many inappropriate conversations taking place and I don’t think anything good happens after 11:30 at night… So 18 years ago I contacted a priest friend of mine, Father Mike Pontarelli, a former classmate of mine from Servite High School, and asked if he would celebrate Mass to help us celebrate our Christmas season, and he was happy to do so.”

Buckley credits the involvement of Father Pontarelli, the pastor at St. Juliana Falconieri in Fullerton, as a critical ingredient for making the celebration a huge success.  “[The] homilies are focused on the associates and the valuable work they do,” said Buckley.

“We’re not trying to convert anybody, but I hope they gain more faith and grow from it.”

Each associate is recognized for his or her valuable service to the company after the mass. Following the completion of the recognitions, the warehouse is converted back to a place of business and everyone goes back to work.

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