The following comes from an April 17 email from Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego:

Early this morning a man and woman pulled into the parking lot of Family Planning Associates, an abortion clinic.  They had children in the back seat of the car.  The woman got out of the car and was greeted by a counselor.

Before the yellow-shirt “escorts” arrived, the counselor tried to give her information on the medical history of the doctor at Family Planning Associates (FPA). The counselor showed the woman a picture of an ambulance that came to FPA because a woman’s uterus was punctured by the doctor during an abortion at this clinic.

The woman looked concerned but told the counselor she had an appointment. She seemed very matter of fact. The counselor then asked her if she had a procedure done the day before (indicating a late term pregnancy procedure requiring the insertion of a lamenaria which is done the Friday before the abortion). The woman answered “yes”.  The counselor told the woman that it was not too late, and that the lamenaria could be removed at Culture of Life Family Services, a crisis pregnancy center, without harm to the baby.

The counselor told her about another woman who was 4-5 months pregnant who changed her mind and was able to have the procedure reversed. The counselor gave the woman as much information as possible, but soon the yellow-shirts arrived and were shouting over the counselor.  As the counselor tried to talk, the woman said she had to go, and that she had already had three C-sections, implying that was the reason for the abortion.

The counselor tried to tell her of a friend that had 5 C-sections but it is doubtful that she heard. As the yellow-shirts escorted her to FPA, the counselor approached the husband and told him that the procedure could be reversed, and about of a friend who had multiple C-sections. The husband was polite, but not really engaged to talk.

About 50 minutes elapsed and the woman came out on the balcony on the phone. She was there for several minutes and the counselor smiled at her and she smiled back. She then went inside and one of the prayer warriors went to try and talk with her.  As soon as the prayer warrior spotted her, she was called in by the nurse to the back.  However, she came out of FPA less than 5 minutes later and left.

The yellow-shirts surrounded her car as she got in and the counselor was unable to make eye contact or talk with her.  We don’t know what happened to this woman, as she never made it to COLFS to have the lamenaria removed. Nonetheless, she was not inside the clinic long enough to have an abortion, and so we pray for her and whatever her situation may be.