After a year of exploring the merits of a possible move to the campus of Holy Names University, the board of regents of Samuel Merritt University has decided to back away from the so-called shared campus project.

Sharon C. Diaz, president and chief executive officer at SMU, said in a press release published Aug. 9 that while the shared campus project would have been “a new model of collaboration in higher education, the board of regents had determined that the project “had become too complex and costly to pursue.”

Last fall the two Oakland educational institutions announced that they had signed a letter of intent to consider an affiliation that would involve sharing and modernizing the 60-acre Holy Names campus on Mountain Boulevard over a period of several years. After the project’s completion Samuel Merritt University would have moved from its North Oakland site to the HNU campus.

Many academic institutions like HNU are considering collaborations and/or affiliations with other institutions as “a way to leverage institutional strengths for a more positive future,” said Steven Borg, chair of HNU’s board of trustees. He added that HNU will continue to explore such relationships. 

The HNU board will have more to say about the University’s future soon, Borg said in a written statement. “We are keeping an eye on our financial situation and enrollment, both of which remain priorities and challenges as we seek a path to viability and sustainability.”

From Catholic Voice Oakland.