Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 7 is the last chance to vote in the California Primary Election which will determine the top two candidates to appear on the November 8, 2022 General Election ballot.

All 22 million registered California voters were sent a mail-in-ballot, which will only count if it is postmarked by 12 midnight on June 7, or turned in at a ballot collection center.

The pro-life position of candidates on each voter’s ballot, for elective offices from governor to state superintendent of education and 52 members of Congress, 20 even-numbered state senate seats, and 80 assembly seats can be easily obtained by providing the voter’s registration address at this secure internet site:

Voters will immediately receive a pro-life voter’s guide for their Congressional, state senate (even numbered districts of 2022 elections) and assembly district candidates, as they appear on the ballot that they received in the mail.

Extensive research on candidates’ statements, past voting records, interviews, and websites, and actions, were used in making the California Pro-Life recommendations.

The  above came from a Cal Catholic reader in a June 6 email.
They do not represent an endorsement by Cal Catholic

The distribution of the recommendations is paid for by the California Pro Life Council Federal and State Political Action Committees.