The following comes from an October 28 National Catholic Register article by Trent Beattie:

Twenty-four years ago on Halloween, 42-year-old David Arias began a journey to hell. After nearly four years of engaging in extraordinary evil in the pursuit of power, Arias had enough and slowly began to turn back to God for salvation.

After an initially grueling conversion, Arias now finds living in the Catholic Church to be quite normal.

Arias, who is no fan of Halloween, spoke of his experiences in the occult with Register correspondent Trent Beattie.

Besides [Catholic] art, which would be up all year, what do you think Catholics should do on Halloween specifically?

On Halloween, it is especially good to go to Mass; do Eucharistic adoration; pray the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet; fast from food for six hours or fast from something else for a specific amount of time; read the Bible; teach your children about the Church; donate something to the poor, etc. These can be done any day of the year, but it’s easier to see the purpose behind it on Halloween, when so many people are going the opposite direction of where they should be.