Congressman  (and former attorney general) Dan Lungren in the Sacramento area is 100 percent pro-life, Catholic, member of a local parish, targeted by the national Democratic Party, especially on abortion.

Lungren’s Democrat opponent, Ami Bera, enlisted the help of Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student turned Planned Parenthood spokeswoman, who appeared with Bera last week and called Lungren’s pro-life record “shameful.”

To volunteer, call the Lungren Campaign Office at 916-467-9454 or email Pick up Yard Signs and volunteer at 9851 Horn Road, Suite #160, Sacramento.



The Montana state legislature put parental notification on the ballot for this November. LR- 120 (legislative referendum) will require a physician to notify a parent or guardian before performing an abortion on a girl under 16,

Michael Pauley, the campaign consultant for the successful parental notification measure in Alaska in 2010, is helping with the Montana campaign and is predicting victory.

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Amendment 6 would prevent state tax dollars from being used to cover abortion costs except in cases of rape, incest or life endangerment, and would also make it easier to require that minors have parental consent to terminate a pregnancy. A Florida ballot amendment requiring parental notification, not consent, became law after it passed 65% to 35% in 2004.

Read more in the Time magazine story the above excerpt is taken from.

Editor’s notes:

Independent pro-life observers are concerned about the chances of Amendment 6, as it requires a 60 percent margin for approval. Plus the No on 6 forces have outspent the Yes side about 8-1.

The Florida bishops conference provided the lion’s share of the initial  funding for Amendment 6.

Both the Montana and Florida No campaigns are receiving significant donations from California branches of Planned Parenthood.

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