When there’s no one to stand with on abortion day at Planned Parenthood in Chico, Lori takes her three-foot-tall Lady of Guadalupe statue. Mary is on one side of the driveway and Lori on the other.

A young couple drove in three weeks ago. They did not park but sat in their car trying to decide what to do.  Next they backed out and stopped in the driveway. He had his window down, and Lori asked him if she could give him an information card. He said yes as Lori moved in closer, saying “You guys know this isn’t a good place, huh?”

He looked at his girl, and they both nodded yes in agreement. Lori asked if they were from town or somewhere else. In unison they named a neighboring community.

Again Lori asked God what to say.  “Do you go to Immaculate Conception?”  Yes, they nodded.

“Maybe you should go for a visit with Father. He’s a good man.”

They looked at each other and said, “ok.” With permission, Lori prayed for them that they would know the love of the Father in a new and profound way and that Father (their parish priest) would be able to encourage them and share his wisdom with them.  She prayed that they would understand that there was nothing stronger in the whole world that would ever get them through the toughest decisions of life other than love. They said thank you and drove away.

Lori’s joy was complete. She’s been cussed out for years, but on this particular day, it had been vile.  This young couple made it all worthwhile.


The next week’s abortion day wasn’t friendlier but the spiritual warfare aspect had been realized.

Within minutes a beautiful blonde was videoing on her iPhone. Lori waved and smiled. The woman began her tirade, pulling out of the parking lot. In a while she was back asking for and receiving Lori’s name. She said that she would name her dead fetus after her. She was told in return, “Before the foundations of the world that baby’s soul bore a name and an identity. That baby is precious in the eyes of the Lord.”

Later that day, the woman stopped in the driveway and asked why Lori was there harassing women,  “People should just mind their own damn business.”

Lori replied “Lives are my business, and I would like to know about yours. Would you like to have coffee with me? She declined, not too politely either.

The blonde came back again. Hanging her arm out the window of the car, she started up again.

(“Holy Spirit how do I respond?”) God said to sing. That works. The blonde got a free concert.

There is power, in the name of Jesus!
There is power, in the name of Jesus!
There is power, in the name of Jesus!

Break every chain.
Break every chain.
Break every chain!


The blonde didn’t move out of that driveway, and she didn’t quit yelling either. She got louder and so did Lori as she walked to the other side of the driveway. When she finally pulled away Lori knew something had broken in Ms. Blonde and that the devil had lost a foothold.

Lori spoke to over 150 workshop attendees at the Fresno diocesan conference the weekend of October 12. Included in her talk on “Hearing the Voice of God” Lori shared the above experiences hearing God in front of Planned Parenthood. The comments after a talk are always the best reward. A girl about 23 asked to talk privately. She came to the talk as an assignment for Master Catechist formation. She took notes and was there to evaluate Lori as a speaker, not because she wanted to attend the talk.

“I’ve never told anyone this, but if you had been at the Planned Parenthood I went to, I wouldn’t have had an abortion last year.” At our table she “snuggled in,” and they cried together as Lori prayed God would heal her and she find someone to share with. She encouraged her to go to Rachel’s Vineyard and to talk with her priest.

The above was sent in an Oct. 21 email from KerygmaUSA in Fresno.