The sidewalk counselor at Planned Parenthood on 1st and Grape handed some flyers to the woman going into the abortion center, containing information about the risks of abortion and the resources available for a woman in a crisis pregnancy. The woman went inside, not indicating why she was there. Sometime later that morning, a second sidewalk counselor who had taken over for the first counselor, saw her come out and asked her is she wanted material. She replied that she already received some earlier, and that she “really needed them”. So the counselor asked her if she decided to keep her baby. She said “Yes!” and gave the counselor a big hug. The counselor congratulated her as she left to go back to the parking area. As she drove off in the passenger seat, the counselor gave her a thumbs-up, and she gave one back with a smile from ear to ear.

On a different morning, a couple came walking into the clinic, and a counselor offered some information to them, asking if it was a crisis pregnancy, and going over the pregnancy support centers available to them instead of going into Planned Parenthood. The counselor was able to talk to the husband more than to the woman. The husband, who had the card, kept offering it to his wife, saying, “Why don’t we go to one of these places instead?” and, “Are you sure you want to go in there?”

It was pretty clear he didn’t want the abortion. The couple talked with the counselor a bit more, and the wife said, “We have an appointment, and I just want to know what they say.” There were three people praying on the sidewalk nearby, and the counselor told the couple that all of them would be praying for them the whole time they were there. About 20 minutes later, they came out, and the counselor asked, “Good news or bad news?” She said, “No news… we’re going to keep the baby, We’re going to one of the places on your card.”

After talking with the couple for a while, it was determined Birthline in Clairemont would be the best place for them to go. The woman had to go to work, but they both promised they would go the following day to get the help they need.

On another morning, a couple drove into the back parking lot, and then came out again. The woman got out of the car and one of the two counselors who were there at the time tried to give her some information, but she wouldn’t take anything. The other counselor walked over to the car and the man rolled down the window to listen. The counselor asked if she could give him some information, and he said he did everything he could to keep her from keeping her appointment for the abortion, even stalling to get her there 30 minutes late.

The counselor showed him all the pregnancy resource centers they could go to for help. He pulled over to the curb, and both of the counselors convinced him to go in and bring her back out. They told him that they would be praying for him and his wife while he was in there. About 20 minutes later, they both came out and she was crying but seemed relieved. He thanked the counselors over and over, and one of the counselors told him they would set up an appointment for them at CAPS in Pacific Beach, and that they would be waiting for them. They drove off.
From Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.