California Democrats again are trying to mandate the abortion pill be stocked in campus clinics across the Golden State’s university system, and this time they’ve got a friend in the governor’s office.

The California State Senate Health Committee approved in a 7-3 vote Wednesday the “College Student Right to Access Act,” or Senate Bill 24. It would amend the state’s public health code to force student health care services clinics at California State University and University of California campuses to “offer abortion by medication techniques,” starting in 2023. The bill is set for smooth going in the Democrat-controlled California legislature.

Virtually the same bill was vetoed in October by then-Gov. Jerry Brown. But proponents have a new reason for optimism.

New governor Gavin Newsom told the San Francisco Chronicle last fall that he “would have supported that [bill]” and subscribes to “Planned Parenthood and NARAL’s position on that.”

The bill would take effect only after $10.2 million in private funds is raised for the costs of equipment and training in clinics, the legislation states. A spokesperson for a consortium of private health organizations said the funds already have been raised.

Under California law, abortion care is required to be covered by health insurance policies.

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