The following comes from Facebook postings on Feb. 24.

8:57 am
We appreciate all of you who are patiently but passionately waiting to hear the news about where to be today and we can confirm that the agenda is posted and the meeting will be at the hospital! Please join us in the dirt parking lot on Ross avenue today as early as 5 pm. The meeting begins at 5:30 pm but we are hoping for as many people as are able will be on the lot when the Board of Trustees arrives so that they can see the crowd before the meeting begins. Thank you for being willing to stand with us on behalf of the unborn in the Imperial Valley as we stand in opposition to Planned Parenthood opening an abortion clinic in our community! God has called us for just a time as this! 2 things that are VERY IMPORTANT… 1. Don’t lose heart! Don’t give up! Don’t be discouraged! Don’t stay home! Your voice and your presence is vital at this meeting. No one else can stand in your place or speak with your voice! and 2. PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!

8:30 pm
Upwards of 2000 concerned citizens stand in support as Attorney David Gibbs III, Pastor Walter Colace, and Pastor Chris Nunn go in to speak on behalf of the Imperial Valley Coalition for Life before the ECRMC Board of Trustees 2/24/15 meeting to address the issue of Planned Parenthood’s request for a transfer agreement in order to open an abortion clinic in El Centro

9:30 pm
Thank you everyone for standing up for life tonight! This isn’t over yet, but we are making a difference! Keep praying! Keep gathering signatures on the petition. Keep showing up to stand united before the hospital board of trustees and the city council. Keep emailing the board members and the council members letting them know where you stand. Encourage your churches, ministries, and businesses to join the Imperial Valley Coalition for Life. Educate yourself on the issue of abortion so you will be able to answer the opposition. Stay informed and up to date by liking and following posts on this page as we continue to share information and important dates.