The following comes from an Oct. 11 email from the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.

Please pray for a young couple who came to FPA today from Mexico.  They arrived with one of the couple’s mother.  They talked at length with one of the counselors who speaks Spanish.  The counselor told them of the litigation and probation record of the doctor and gave them information on life and Culture of Life Family Services.  They told the counselor they were Catholic.  They went into FPA and came out a short time later and left.  It is unclear why they left, but we praise God they left FPA.

Another woman and her mother left FPA. They were unable to speak to a counselor when they entered the mill, but upon leaving one of the counselors told the young woman it was a blessing she was leaving because of the medical problems with the doctor.  The counselor told her about COLFS, and she told the counselor she was not having an abortion but was going to find out the gender of the baby.  It is unclear why she was at FPA.  She is 17 weeks and was happy to see that COLFS did ultrasounds for free.  She said she was going to call them and that she was going to have a baby shower for her baby.

There was a third possible turnaround.  One of the counselors spoke with a couple who only listened for a short time before going up into the clinic. The boyfriend was irritated, but the woman did not seem as if she wanted the abortion.  They went upstairs and after more than an hour they exited via the entry door, rather than the recovery door, which means she did not have a surgical abortion. The couple came downstairs and stood outside of their car talking for about 20 minutes, then she got into the driver’s seat and they drove away.  This was likely a turnaround because of the length of time they talked in the parking lot after leaving the clinic.

Thank you to everyone who came out for 40 Days for Life to pray.