The following comes from a Jan. 18 email sent by Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.

The three sidewalk counselors outside of FPA were kept busy most of the morning trying to intercept women in the crowded parking lot. Two women drove up near the stairs, and one woman left the car and went up into the clinic before a counselor could reach her. The driver of the car motioned to a counselor that she wanted to see the information they were passing out. Another counselor who was closer to the car came over and told the driver that this was an abortion clinic and gave her information on the medical record of the doctor. The woman told the counselor it was her sister who went into the clinic. She had no idea that her sister was there for an abortion. She told the counselor she was about to cry. The counselor urged her to call her sister, and that this was her only chance to save the baby. The woman called her sister but it went to voicemail.

The counselor urged her to go into the clinic and get her out, but the woman said her sister would not listen to her, and she did not want to make her angry. The counselor was firm, and told her that she had an obligation to try and get her out. The counselor gave her a concerned look as she prepared to drive away, and the woman said there was nothing she could do. Within about 30 minutes, the woman pulled up and told the counselor that she talked her sister into coming down and leaving. She told the counselor that her sister did not want to talk with anyone, and to just let her take her away. The counselor praised God and they exchanged a smile.

A short time later, one of the counselors spoke with a young married couple who parked in front of the clinic. The counselor told the couple about the litigation history of the doctor, and that there were risks involved in having an abortion. The woman said she was three to four months pregnant, and that they did not yet have any children. The counselor showed her a picture of what the baby looked like at only six weeks, and she turned her head away, saying that she did not want to see it. The counselor then showed her and her husband a fetal model at 12 weeks, and they were both somber. After talking to them for a short time about the regret they would have, and that an abortion would ruin their relationship, and that their financial problems were only temporary, the husband politely said they needed to go inside, and they walked to the elevator.

About an hour later, we noticed a nurse holding the medical exit door open while looking out toward the street. Approaching sirens soon signaled an emergency vehicle heading toward the clinic. Within minutes an ambulance and fire truck parked in front of the clinic and the paramedics went inside. Soon another woman who had gone in about 20 minutes earlier, came out and left. Another couple who were inside less than 30 minutes, came out and left. A few minutes later, the paramedics brought the young married woman out on a gurney and loaded her into the ambulance, and drove her to a hospital. The husband told the counselor that there were complications after the abortion. The counselor gave the husband a Rosary, and told him that we would be praying for him and his wife.